Are Wrought Iron Railing Prices An Issue For You?

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The classic appeal of wrought iron railings cannot be denied.  Used for hundreds of years, these elegant and durable balustrades are traditional and timeless.  But expensive iron railings prices are prohibitive to many people.  Balustrades UK have other great metal balustrade options.  These compare favourably against wrought iron railing costs.  They look extremely stylish and luxurious, but at a fraction of wrought iron railings prices.

Wrought Iron Balustrades Cost

Choosing hand forged wrought iron railings is a high-cost decision.  Typical iron railings prices typically start around £100 plus VAT per metre.  Delivery and installation are other wrought iron railings costs to factor in.  This does not take into consideration layout design and professional installation. Let’s look now at the benefits of wrought iron railings, and see how the metal balustrades supplied by Balustrades UK measure up.  As well as metal balustrades, we also manufacture and supply other materials, such as glass and wire.  These can be used independently or combined with metal balustrades for a huge variety of styles.  Looking for alternatives to wrought iron railings opens up your budget to a world of exciting possibilities!

Safety & Metal Balustrades

Robust and reliable railings and bannisters are essential for staircases, balconies and landings.  Wrought iron balustrades cost significantly more than other metal balustrades, yet our metal railings prices offer the same protection and security.


Iron railings prices are often justified by claims of low-maintenance and weather resistance.  Stainless steel metal balustrades are just as easy to keep pristine and require minimal care.  Like wrought iron our metal balustrades are suitable for internal and external use.  They will withstand heavy use and weather extremes.  Wrought iron railings prices are far from cheap.  Our stainless steel metal balustrades are also low-maintenance and durable, but will cost you a lot less.

Bespoke Design

A great selling point of wrought iron is how adaptable it is for bespoke design.  It can be manufactured to fit whatever dimensions and angles you require.  Wrought iron balustrade costs can even include painting the metalwork in a colour you choose.  But full customization is something also available at Balustrades UK.  We work with our customers from initial concept to completion, and help design metal balustrade solutions unique to your property.  If colour is your thing then we can powder coat all of our balustrades with your chosen colour.  Our metal railings prices are great value for money and still allow you to introduce creative and luxury design into your home. Wrought iron balustrades are undoubtedly beautiful.  Equally, stainless steel metal balustrades are just as stunning.  They make a high-impact and fashionable statement, and really are the best in contemporary elegance and style.  A stainless steel metal balustrade is very versatile and works just as well in period homes as in modern properties.  A popular choice for commercial spaces and public buildings as in such large-scale projects wrought iron railings prices would be way too high.

Contact us now for metal balustrades costs

So if you are planning a project involving metal balustrades, take a look at the fantastic and relatively cheap alternatives to wrought iron.  Our team at Balustrade UK are here to help and we are sure you will be impressed with our metal railings prices.  Call today on 01384 252 342 or use our Contact Form for more information and to arrange a quote.

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