Wooden Balustrade Designs

Wooden Balustrade Designs

If you are overseeing a stairway or balcony project, most people immediately think timber balustrades as the obvious choice.  No doubt wooden balustrade designs are functional and attractive.  Whether it’s for a wooden balcony balustrade, a staircase or even wooden decking balustrades and handrails, good old fashioned timber does the job perfectly well.  But nowadays timber balustrade design can look a bit boring; the same old turned spindles and posts that you see everywhere!  For exceptional and original wooden balustrade designs you would need specialist craftsmanship and that comes with a hefty price tag.  Bespoke modern wooden balustrades are a premium niche product.  An increasingly popular alternative to standard timber balustrades is modern stainless steel and toughened glass.  At Balustrade UK we excel at this.  We offer a fantastic range of contemporary styles, all easily adapted to suit your needs.

Why Choose Metal or Glass for a Balustrade Design?

There are many benefits of a modern metal and glass balustrade system, as opposed to wooden balustrade designs.  Using new technologies and our own expert manufacturing processes, our balustrade systems provide superior strength and longevity.  The toughened glass of today is ideal for raised spaces, including balconies and landings, and steel railings will withstand considerable weight.  Timber balustrades are prone to joint weaknesses, especially as they age, and are easily damaged with minor knocks and scratches.  Wooden balustrade designs also need regular maintenance, be this paintwork, waxing or oil application.  Not so with our balustrade systems; hardwearing steel and glass balustrades only need an occasional light clean and are not easily damaged.


Garden Balustrade Wooden

Using timber for outside projects is fraught with potential problems.  Wooden decking balustrades and handrails, wooden balcony balustrades and exterior wooden banisters will sustain rain and other weather deterioration over time.  Unsightly cracks and splits will inevitably appear, as well as sun exposure.

Wooden Banister Rail UK

But for lovers of natural wood, our up-to-date materials can easily be mixed with wooden banister handrails.  Another elegant option is a glass balustrade with wood posts. Our design teams are happy to discuss your thoughts and help you come up with your own bespoke solution.

If you would like to have a chat about the pros and cons of wooden balustrade designs versus metal and glass, please get in touch today.  For more information and to register interest, please complete our Contact Form and request a call-back.

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