What is the history of staircases?

A staircases function is to allow you to go up or down in a property and this function does not change. However, the look of a staircase has altered through the ages. We wondered how much is actually known about the history of a staircase. So we thought it was time to have a look back in time to see how they have changed.

Once upon a time, a staircase would have been built with walls on both sides. This is no longer the case. The exact origin of staircases is unknown but the earliest staircase was reported to be in Egypt and dates back to the 2nd millennium BC. Then dating back to 1500 BC, the Knossos and Phaistos made use of stairs. Then it was the Assyrian ziggurat, dating back to the 8th/9th century, that was adorned with massive stairs.

The golden era of construction of stairs is regarded to be the end of the nineteenth century. As this is when Peter Nicholson developed a mathematical system for railings and stairs. It was then in the 1980s, that Eva Jiricna in London started to design stairs in glass and stainless steel. Thus, making the sleek and futuristic look that we see everywhere today.

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