What is a Juliet Balcony?

What is a Juliet Balcony

A “Juliet balcony” is an exclusively British term, harking back to Shakespeare’s famous “Romeo and Juliet” balcony.  But a Juliet balcony is not a balcony in the normal sense of the word.  It is not a “walk on” type of balcony at all, but rather a guard or barrier placed on the outside of French doors situated on the first floor or higher levels.  A Juliet balcony offers dependable fall protection and an attractive, modern appearance.  We design, manufacture and fit Juliet balconies for both homes and the commercial sector, including apartments and office premises.  Our Juliet Balcony glass railings are made using quality materials and are skillfully crafted.  The result is beautiful stainless steel and glass Juliet balcony systems that give safety and style in equal measure.

Experts in Stainless Steel and Glass Juliet Balcony Design

‘Light’ and ‘Space’ are buzz-words in interior design these days.  What better way to flood upstairs spaces with light than with tall windows and French doors?  Large openings from upper stories shriek “DANGER” and that’s where our expertise in Juliet balcony installation comes in.  We make a stylish variety of Juliet balcony glass railings with steel supports and handrails.

Get the frameless look with a glass Juliet balcony.  Enjoy uninterrupted views from upper floors with a modern frameless glass Juliet balcony.  To give you complete peace of mind we only use industry standard toughened glass and our Juliet balcony glass rails are professionally fitted. We also offer other choices for Juliet balconies.  This includes stainless steel or a mild steel Juliet balcony.  Create your own bespoke scheme with a glass stainless steel Juliet balcony.

Juliet Balcony Rail Height

We make sure all building regulations are stringently followed.  The height of a Juliet balcony needs to be at least 1100 cm above floor level.  This is the legal limit to reduce the risk of a person falling over the Juliet balcony. We supply an excellent range of stainless steel Juliet balcony fittings, suitable for use with glass and steel railings.  Adding a steel handrail above a glass Juliet balcony is also popular.  We are very happy to discuss all the options and show you different ideas.  Our stainless steel and glass Juliet balcony prices are highly competitive and great value for money.  So get in touch today by using our contact form and request a call-back

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