What is a Balustrade?

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So What Is A Balustrade?

You may have heard interior designers and builders alike talking about ‘balustrades’, ‘balusters’ and ‘banisters’…  To a lot of people, especially those who will only have to deal with staircase construction once in their lives, this can be a little confusing.  So we will now debunk the jargon and get to the nub of exactly ‘what does balustrade mean?’ and then explain the difference between baluster and balustrade.  By defining balustrade and baluster you will have a much clearer insight into the terms associated with staircases.  These basics are at the heart of what we do at Balustrades UK; designing, manufacturing and installing cutting-edge, stylish and luxury balustrades for all types of homes, commercial premises and public spaces.

What Does ‘balustrade’ mean and how would you define ‘baluster’?

How can we define balustrade and define baluster?  Let’s turn initially to the Oxford English Dictionary for a basic balustrade meaning and baluster definition.  For reasons that will soon become evident, we will deal with the meaning of baluster first of all.

  • Baluster definition: A short decorative pillar forming part of a series supporting a rail

Once you can define baluster as the repetitive upright supports to the main rail, known as the ‘banister’ rail, you can begin to understand the visual design choices available to you.  We offer a great range of baluster rod supports in stainless steel.  They can be further customized by colour powder coating and various other finishes.  If this type of support is not to your liking, we have alternative options such as toughened glass and strengthened metal wire.

  • Balustrade definition: A railing supported by balusters, especially one forming an ornamental parapet to a balcony, bridge, or terrace.

In a nutshell, the balustrade refers to the whole railing or barrier system, not just the individual components.  We know the job of a balustrade is to provide safety and strength.  With our balustrade systems you have choices of what you use to fulfil the supportive role of balusters.  We have added to traditional balustrade design with the incorporation of innovative new materials.  These do the job of traditional spindly wooden balusters, acting as efficient ‘baluster’ supports.  Now that you know the difference between baluster and balustrade, we leave you to think about the stunning possibilities Balustrade Uk has to offer.

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