Top 5 Points to Consider When Getting a Balustrade

You may have decided that now is the time to get a balustrade, so what is the next step? What factors should you consider?

  1. Installation
    It can be difficult even for the most avid DIY lover, installing a balustrade yourself is not impossible. We have a guide to help. Alternatively, we can install the balustrade system for you. Which is likely to be the best option, especially if the balustrade is on a grand scale. Just contact us for a quote.
  2. Types
    It is best to consider which type of stainless steel you would want and what type of finish you will go for. Would you want it to be glass, wire or just steel? All are aesthetically pleasing but create a different look. Read this blog for more details.
  3. Maintenance
    All the materials we use are easy to maintain, so maintenance shouldn’t really be an issue. But be aware that glass will take a little longer to clean.
  4. Measurements
    Have you measured the area that you want the balustrade to be fitted or would you prefer for us to come and take the measurements for you? We are happy with either option, just let us know.
  5. Regulations
    To ensure that you don’t run into hardship later on, it is best to consider the regulations beforehand. Think about the UDL, strength, building regulations, handrail height and infill options.

We hope this helps you to get the balustrade that is perfect for you.

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