Three Of The Best Balustrade Designs For Style Savvy Enthusiasts

Top 3 balustrades

There once was a time when staircases and balustrades were a pretty uniform affair.  Except for the extremely wealthy, banister designs and balustrades were made of wood, either with traditional turned vase spindles or simplified geometric schemes.  But interesting and cutting edge balustrade design is no longer the preserve of the rich.  Fabulous new balustrade designs, manufactured in a range of high spec materials, are now available at competitive prices.  Wood remains a favourite choice for many, but we can now offer a selection of contemporary options, such as stainless steel and toughened glass.  At Balustrade UK we offer an entire design, manufacture and installation service to meet this growing market.  We will now go into a bit more detail about the nation’s 3 most popular and best balustrade designs.  These are steel balustrades, glass balustrades and wooden balustrades.

Steel Balustrade Designs

The appeal of metal is obvious.  It is clean, modern and perfect for minimalist projects.  Our experts can design and fit bespoke balustrade systems made completely from tubular stainless steel.  It goes without saying that steel balustrades are ideal for exteriors.  Metal balustrade designs are largely impervious to weather conditions, require little maintenance and are very strong.  This makes them suitable for balconies and garden terraces.  But steel balustrades designs also work extremely well within homes and commercial buildings.  If you are expecting a staircase to be busy, with large footfall, then steel balustrade designs are an obvious choice.

Glass Balustrade Designs

The simple beauty of glass is undeniable.  It gives a sense of space and extra light when used in interiors, and an open, uninterrupted view when used outside.  By using modern toughened glass they are also very safe.  Glass balustrade designs give a luxurious feel to interiors and exteriors alike, and are extremely versatile.  Open up antique features in a period home by having an oak staircase with glass balustrade.  Or create a modernist vista in a large, urban building.

Wooden Balustrade Designs

Wooden balustrades have certainly stood the test of time.  For years there were no alternatives and wooden balustrades did the job well enough.  Hard wood balustrades are prohibitively expensive for the most of us, so pine is mainly used instead. This is a soft wood so vulnerable to knocks and scratches.  Pine also requires maintenance as it should be painted or treated on a regular basis.  No doubt natural wood is a fine thing.  Elm or oak balustrades look wonderful and can be carved for extra detail.  But bear in mind the cost implications and have a think about other good quality options.

A Combination Of Steel, Glass And Wooden Balustrades

Of course, in today’s world you are not limited to just one material when deciding upon a balustrade design.  Steel, glass and wooden balustrades work beautifully together, in a range of combinations.  Imagine how stunning an oak handrail with glass panels would look!  And metal banister designs with glass are an instantly striking mix.  Please contact us today on 01384 252 342 to discuss how we can help you with your balustrade designs.

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