Timber Balustrades

Timber Balustrades

Timber Balustrade Designs

Standing tall and firm along your staircases, corridors and balconies are balustrades. Their allure can be of different magnitudes depending on their designs and how carefully they’re picked to excellently match your home’s style and give it that touch of elegance; a simple lining of beauty to all the right places. Balustrades, however, don’t solely play the role of beautifying your home and filing beauty gaps left by your standard designs. They also play protective roles in the case of balconies and staircases by preventing the possibilities of plummets caused by trips or any other accident(s). You, therefore, need to be well-versed with some of the types of balustrades and why it’s important to choose correctly what will work for you.

What Is the “Correct Choice”?

Home designs vary due to the difference in the images that home designers paint in their minds when they come up with blueprints for your construction. One will craft a timber balustrade external design for your home’s exteriors and another will see a clear chance for a perfect glass standing while a third eye will bear the thoughts of a classical plain rail which in its own rights could stand with the confidence of its artistry. Because of this, therefore, it is critical to select the right balustrade design for your home; something that won’t look off. Your home’s façade is literally its outer skin; what everyone will see first before their eyes are met by an awe of the auroric stance that your indoor designs hold; oh, the breathtaking beauty! A wrought iron balustrade with a carefully selected colour will give your stylish home a sassy touch besides ensuring your security is checked in balconies and decks. Stainless steel is another quirky design, alongside aluminium and strand wire, killing it with a modern vogue of beauty and elegance. But have you given a thought to timber balustrade designs?

Timber Is the It-Thing

Your interior design deserves something a little recherche and peerless. One of our options which could give you that smooth touch, with a velvety glide of appearance, is timber. With rare but not uncommon incorporation with and or into glass designs, timber goes along to transform the interior of your home into what many homeowners dream of! People are constantly looking for the best timber balustrade construction details, so Balustrade Uk have you covered. Having such an alignment of winsome designs for your home goes a long way to transform your entire feel about your environment. With a horizontal timber balustrade stretching out to give an aura of magnificence to your balcony and decks, you’ll be sure to share the glory of your home’s awesomeness with every piece of construction material that stands tall to make it complete.


Our internal and external timber balustrade designs are clearly not the only available options that you may have for your home, but it definitely deserves a thought. With its availability being the number one aspect of its selection, timber makes it so easy to love and thus pick. Installed correctly, your home interior and exterior will in no time ooze pure grandeur.


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