The place of balustrades in interior design

When thinking about your interior design efforts, handrails and balustrades – along with any other types of railing – might not seem important. But they have a huge part to play in any successful interior design project…

The overall look and feel balustrades contribute to an interior has a massive impact. If you are fitting a modern and stylish building, you will naturally want balustrades that fit in with the feel of the interior – something as simple as rails or splash backs could be the difference between the design working and not working.

Some clients with smaller spaces to refurbish can and will set aside a large sum of money for balustrade installations, Spotting the difference between a quality designed handrail and ‘off the shelf’ items is surprisingly easy. The installation of incorrect rails could easily ruin a unique design – and might even compromise safety. While the small additional features of balustrades may not seem to feature heavily in construction and renovation budgets, they can make a large difference.

Balustrade UK are manufacturers and fitters of balustrades and offer bespoke balustrade designs to be tailored to your needs…

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