The benefits of stainless steel balustrades

One of the ideal construction materials for balustrades is stainless steel. The reason being because it is a strong and highly durable material, which is ideal for a staircase as it will be able to take knocks and bumps and won’t scratch easily. But what are some of the other benefits of fitting a stainless steel balustrade system…

5 advantages of stainless steel balustrading

1. Durability

Steel won’t be susceptible to the damage which makes it the perfect material for a balustrade. Not only that, but it will not corrode which makes it suitable for exterior use, as well as interior.

2. Versatility

Stainless steel can be manipulated into (nearly!) any desirable shape or size for a balustrade. Curves and harsh angles can both be achieved depending on your preference.

3. Appearance

The material has an incredibly high aesthetic appeal and will look good in any home or outdoor environment. The variety of metallic finishes provide a sleek look- ideal for a corporate office.

4. Cost

Many are opting for stainless steel as a cost-effective option – mostly because of the availability of the material and its ability to be manipulated, joined and installed.

5. Environmentally friendly

Did you know that most stainless steel production is executed using a large proportion of recycled material? If you do choose to replace your balustrade, the material is almost fully recyclable.

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