General Information
We acknowledge the following variations:
• Changes in production techniques and deviation in measurement.
• Actual products may differ very slightly from the photographic illustrations. This does not
• grounds for complaint or refund.
• Printing errors.
Balustrade UK will not accept the liability, on whatever legal grounds, unless there is legally
compelling liability.
Any compensation is hereby limited to the product value of the original order.
Please note that statutory limitations may vary from country to country.
Balustrade UK accepts no liability for conditions and regulations that may apply.
Once drawings are approved and goods are being manufactured then any changes by the client are chargeable.
If goods are designed by the client it is up to them to check if it complies to building regulations

We cannot be held responsible for where the kite mark on glass is placed nor can we specify to our glass company where to put it

Onsite Work and Installation

Ensuring your site is ready for us when we arrive:

If we arrive on site and the site is not ready or cannot be accessed we will still bill for the full day.

It is the client’s responsibility to provide power to the site.

If we specify a finish date in a contract this finish date is subject to us having access to the site to begin installation on the specified start date.


When drawings are issued, it is up to the customer to check that it is correct to their design.
Also when a drawing is issued, unless it is otherwise stated BALUSTRADE UK LTD. Will be using our standard TYPE 2 system which comprises of standard fittings and dry joints on handrails. Balustrading that is fully welded must be indicated by the customer which would be a extra cost to order.”

Payment is required in advance for the first 3 deliveries, with no exception.
After 3 shipments we offer a strict 30 day credit.
After 3 pro forma payments we offer a strict 30 day credit facility. (30 days from date of invoice)
Accounts not settled 30 days from invoice will be suspended and no further goods will be shipped
until the account is cleared.
Delivered goods remain the property of Balustrade UK until paid for in full.
Orders will only be accepted in writing.

Our shipping time for the UK and Ireland is next day depending on where you are located, with
some exceptions in ‘rural’ areas.
Tubes between 3500mm to 6000mm are special order, delivery for these items is 2 to 3 days.
Dates or periods specified for dispatch, delivery or completion are estimates only ad are not
contractually binding.
Such dates are calculated from our acceptance of the order and on the condition that full and final
information is available to us to allow us to proceed with continuous manufacture.
Such dates are subject to the availability of labour and materials.
We will not be held responsible for default in delivery dates caused by Government controls,
strikes, lockouts, riots, sit-ins, fire, tempest, damage to machinery or buildings, war, Acts of God
and all other circumstances beyond our control.
For the avoidance of doubt, time shall not be the essence of the contract.

Returns Policy
Any bespoke items supplied or supplied and fitted are non returnable as they are purposely made
for the client and no refund will be given.
Once an order has been placed and made to the customers requirements, if the customer no longer wishes to go ahead full payment will still be needed for the items.
It is a condition of sale that goods supplied by us remain our property until paid in full, unless it is a
bespoke order or a supplied and fitted order.
On supply and fit installations, any problems with fitting or quality issues must be reported
in writing to Balustrade UK with fourteen days of fitting / invoice.
Returns shall only be accepted if they are received in their original packaging and within 14 days
from date of invoice.
Damaged products cannot be accepted.
A 95% handling charge will be incurred for returned items.
Return postage and carriage costs are the responsibility of the customer
The customer will be responsible for any extra cost caused by amendment to his requirements
provided for in the accepted order and for any extra cost incurred by us for changes in design or
specification resulting from lack of or incorrect information supplied to us during manufacture or at
time of quotation.
The customer will be notified in writing of any such extra cost as soon as practically possible.
We assume no responsibility for damage or wear caused to goods supplied or work done by us as a
result of its misuse by the customer or a third party.
If goods supplied by us are replaced or repaired without our prior agreement in part or in whole by
the customer or any other party, we accept no responsibility for any costs, expenses or damage
incurred by the customer as a result of the replacement/repair carried out.
After Balustrade UK Ltd have received an order and completed a survey (and sometimes
drawings) if the client then chooses not to go ahead with the job then there will be a cost to pay for
the work we have undertaken.

Quotations are based on the current cost of materials and wages.
Such quotations are subject to adjustment, to take into account any increase in material and wages
which may have occurred since the date of quotation.
Proprietary Balustrade Testing
The tests were undertaken in full accordance with BS 6399,1,1996.
Type 1 balustrade – small baseplate, 3 x 8mm bolts.
Sustainable for use in all areas except C5, table 4 – areas susceptible to overcrowding, such as
footways or pavement less that 3m wide, theatres, cinemas, discotheques and bars etc.
Type 2 balustrade – large baseplates, 3 x 12mm bolts.
Sustainable for all areas detailed in table 4 of BS 6399,1,1996.
For each test panel, leads were applied to the handrail initial then as a uniformly distributed load on
the glass infill panel, finally as a point load in the centre of the glass infill panel.
The type 1 balustrade failed under a load of 3kN and approximately 45mm of deflection.
The failure occurred when the 8mm mounting bolts pulled out and cracked the concrete mounting
The type 2 balustrade was initially tested using all six mounting points in each of the base plates
and performed in full compliance with BS 6399.
Further testing was then undertaken to establish ultimate load with 3 mounting bolts in each
The ultimate capacity of the type 2 balustrade was considered to be at approximately 1,5kN.
At this load level the mountings of the top hand rail went into plastic failure.
Deflection continued at this load until the mounting bracket either bent right over of sheared off the
hand rail.