Stainless Steel Balustrades

Steel Balustrades

Stainless Steel Balustrades UK

Stainless steel and glass balustrades are no longer exclusive to cutting edge architects and high-spec construction projects.  Nowadays we see stainless steel tube balustrades and steel and glass balustrade systems in a variety of settings.  This contemporary solution has become much more cost effective and accessible.  We not only see breathtaking stainless steel and glass balustrades in our public buildings and retail centres, but also in office premises and even our homes.  The democratisation of steel and glass balustrade technology means this design opportunity is possible for all of us. At Balustrade UK we supply premier steel and glass balustrade design, manufacture and installation services.  We welcome both commercial and domestic projects, either for interior or exterior spaces.  Steel and glass balustrade systems are perfectly suited to both inside and outside use.  They are hardwearing, low-maintenance and weather resistant.

Steel balustrade posts offer superior strength.  For balconies and landings they are ideal, and give added peace of mind.  We make all of our steel balustrade posts on-site, and guarantee the best quality materials.  There are a range of design preferences available for our steel balustrade posts, including mirror, polished and satin finishes.  Colour powder coating is another great way to customise steel balustrade posts.

Stainless Steel Handrails

A solid stainless steel handrail really does give a true sense of safety and reliability.  This is an excellent choice for stair handrails and walkways on uneven ground.  Stainless steel handrails are also very popular on balcony balustrade systems and verandas.  For efficient and safe installation we also produce a selection of stainless steel balustrade fittings.  This covers base and wall fixings, end caps and handrail brackets.  Please talk to our specialist design team to work out exactly what you would need.

Stainless Steel and Glass Balustrades

With steel balustrade posts there are a range of infill options.  These include steel rod system balustrades and wire system balustrades.  But probably our most popular infill for steel balustrade posts is heavy-duty, toughened glass.  Stainless steel and glass balustrades offer luxury and look effortlessly stunning.  Enhance your business or home with a top-of-the-range steel and glass balustrade from Balustrade UK.  Rest assured we supply stainless steel glass balustrade fittings to accommodate any layout.  If you would like more information about our comprehensive steel and glass balustrade services, please fill in our Contact Form for more details.

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