Powder Coated Balustrades

Powder Coated Balustrades

How A Powder Coated Balustrade Can Make Your Home Or Business Stand Out From All The Rest

Our fabulous balustrade systems, for both residential and commercial premises, are effortlessly stylish and contemporary.  But we pride ourselves on the great range of additional personalised touches we offer clients.  Powder coated handrails and balustrades are a marvellous way to infuse colour into a space.  Our design team are on hand to discuss possibilities and illustrate how you can integrate colour into your plan.

Powder Coated Hand Railing

Powder coated railings and infills are in-demand with our customers.  For public buildings like schools, brightly coloured powder coated handrails for interior and exteriors steps look cheerful and welcoming.  In gardens and on balconies, green powder coated balustrades are especially attractive.  Powder coating gives you the opportunity to tie together design themes within your home.  Whether purple, pink or blue is your signature colour, we will find a shade to match from our extensive spectrum.  If you would like to mix it up and have a variety of different powder coated handrails, anything is possible.  If you are just considering a small balustrade project, for instance a single powder coated handrail, we are happy to help.  We work with any size layout and are very flexible.  The versatility of our powder coated finishes is incredible, and the limits are only set by your imagination!

Maintenance of Powder Coated Balustrade Systems

Powder coating is a new alternative to spray and conventional wet painting.  High quality polyester dry powder is applied with an electrostatic spray to metal.  This is further treated at high temperatures to give a durable, smooth and scratch-resistant finish.  Powder coated balustrades are very hardwearing, so suitable for outdoor and indoor use.  Powder coated handrails and balustrades require little maintenance, except for occasional light cleaning.

Powder Coated Glass Balustrades

Powder coated balustrade systems are available with a selection of infill options, including toughened glass, steel wire and mesh panels.  A powder coated glass balustrade looks stunning, with clear glass contrasting dramatically with a colour frame.  Many people like to have sturdy handrails with glass panels, and the choice of powder coated glass handrails is very popular.

For More Information on Powder Coated Balustrades

If the thought of adding a bit of colour is appealing, please get in touch to find out more.  Fill in our contact form and we will give you a call back to discuss the powder coated balustrade process in more detail.

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