Outdoor Handrails

Outdoor Handrails

Outdoor handrails are an essential safety feature.  Who wouldn’t consider fitting robust handrails for outdoor steps?  Concrete steps are particularly dangerous, so strong outdoor handrails for concrete steps are a must.  And it goes without saying, outdoor handrails are absolutely necessary for balconies and raised verandas.  Outdoor handrails fitted to exterior walls are also helpful for slopes or uneven ground.  Deciding which material to use for outdoor handrails can be confusing, so here are some brief guidelines.

Outdoor Handrails: What are the choices?

Wooden outdoor handrails are usually the cheapest solution.  But when used outside, wood quickly suffers from weather exposure.  The changeable British climate means outdoors handrails made from wood will rot over time.  Painted and varnished finishes soon degrade and need regular maintenance treatment.   For these reasons, many people consider metal handrails for outdoor steps.  When it comes to metal handrails for outdoor steps, the two main choices are traditional outdoor iron handrails or more modern stainless steel outdoor handrails.

Wrought Iron Outdoor Handrails Versus Metal Handrails For Outdoor Steps

Wrought iron handrails for outdoor steps UK are often found at period properties and undoubtedly have a charming, traditional appeal.  Outdoor iron handrails are associated with craftsmanship and good old-fashioned British values.  It is not hard to imagine a blacksmith skilfully making outdoor iron handrails over a burning forge.  Although, if carefully looked after, outdoor iron handrails can last for years, they are susceptible to rust and other weather damage.  But the main negative point about wrought iron outdoor handrails is price.  Wrought iron outdoor handrails are labour-intensive and costly.  With stainless steel outdoor handrails you get the best of both worlds.  Outdoor handrails from Balustrade UK are elegant, luxurious and stylish, whilst at the same time being low-maintenance, weather-resistant and hard-wearing.  And what’s more, we offer exceptional value for money at competitive prices.

Metal Handrails For Outdoor Steps UK

At Balustrade UK we design and manufacture quality tubular steel outdoor handrail systems.  We offer bespoke design, allowing you to create perfect outdoor handrails to suit you.  Our outdoor metal handrails can even be colour powder coated for extra individuality.  If you are looking for a wrought iron outdoor handrail look, then black powder coating can achieve the same effect without compromising low-maintenance and weather-resistance.  For stunning and contemporary outdoor handrails, our handrail schemes will meet your expectations.  Our outdoor handrails work well with both period and new builds, so get in touch today for more information.

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