Need some Inspiration?

Sometimes it is difficult to decide what you want when there is so much choice on the market. What material, style, details or colour should you go for? These could be decisions that you may clueless about, especially when making your choice for a balustrade or staircase. This is why we are here. Let us give you some inspiration with our top picks of balustrades and stairs.


Why not try a strong contrast of colours?
How about something functional, simplistic yet attractive?
Not one for those with kids but it’s stunning all the same.
Safe, functional and pretty
Just very grand looking, that’s for sure!
Practical does not mean boring!
Contrast light with dark and add intricate details like wires and a matte texture.
The balustrade adds functionality and makes the bare surroundings look complete.

So which one would you go for? Contact us if you have any queries about the balustrade ideas you have or you would like to discuss your ideas further.

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