Internal Glass Balustrades and Handrails

internal glass balustrade

Internal Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades are an inspired design choice for a unique accent to your domestic or commercial interiors. Balustrade UK’s comprehensive internal glass installation and design services allow you to enjoy all the features and benefits of these sought-after interior fittings.
Internal glass balustrades support the parapet or handrail of a staircase and are popular as a statement feature in stunning contemporary property renovations. The addition of this modern accent to your interior design is a great investment whether as in-fill panels, between balusters or as a whole structural glass balustrade.

Glass balustrade internal stairs work well in both domestic and commercial interiors as part of forward-thinking architectural design. The toughened and laminated clear glass of most designs allows light in and gives a great sense of space.

Internal balustrades made from glass may incorporate a posted system, with polished metal balusters and handrails or a frame-less design for maximum impact. Depending on the functionality and finish of your interior design you may want to keep your balustrade as simple as possible and allow other elements of your interior to shine through.

Glass Balustrade Internal Stairs

If you’re looking to incorporate glass internal balustrades and handrails as part of your property build or renovation project you need the best advice, expertise and guidance for a successful, high-quality and safe result. Designing, sourcing and installing glass balustrades is a significant investment and the safety and quality of the materials used is critical to achieving a long-lasting result.

Balustrade UK are market leading designers, suppliers and installers of glass balustrades and offer turnkey solutions for your interior project. Our experienced team will assist you in choosing the perfect balustrade design for your project. We are comfortable working with your architect or builder to get an outstanding result, drafting, sourcing and installing a glass balustrade manufactured to the highest standards. Simply call a member of our team today to get started.

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