How To Fit A Stair Handrail That Works With Your New Balustrade System

How to fit a stair handrail

We specialise in stylish and innovative toughened glass and stainless steel balustrade systems for all types of staircases.  This includes stairwells and landings in domestic interiors and in commercial premises.  We also design and fit stunning balconies, stairs and terrace balustrades in gardens and other exterior spaces.  Minimalist styling is where we excel.  But however uncluttered you want the final scheme to be, safety can never be ignored!  By adding a handrail to stairs you are helping to safeguard against accidents and tumbles.  We all want our homes to be a haven of security and comfort.  And undoubtedly we also feel it is our right to be protected and assisted in our work place and recreational areas.  So fitting a stair handrail is absolutely essential if you are going to achieve acceptable safety standards.  But don’t despair because we have some fantastic handrail ideas and solutions.  We can show you how to put a handrail on stairs without compromising elegant design and visual impact.

Comply With Building Regulations And Install Stair Handrail

Current building regulations dictate that any staircase, interior or exterior, that is less than 1 metre wide MUST have a handrail on one side.  This is the case for most interior staircases.  If mobility issues are likely to be an issue you can choose to fit a stair handrail to both sides, possibly to a wall.  Many customers are unsure how to install a stair railing to wall surfaces.  Be reassured as we have a whole catalogue of clever and well-made fittings to achieve a tailored solution.    An extra wall-mounted handrail will keep little ones and family members out of harm’s way.  At the same time we ensure that additional handrails do not compromise the overall appeal and sleek design.

If your staircase is wider than 1 metre you will need to install stair handrails on both sides.  In all circumstances the first two steps do not require a handrail on either side.

How High Should Handrail Be On Stairs

The basic rule of thumb is that a stair handrail should have a minimum height of 900 mm.  This applies to both domestic and public stairs.  Balustrades on landings must be at least 1100 mm high.  At Balustrade Uk we always work these rules into every balustrade project.

Fitting A Stair Handrail From Balustrade UK

We design and manufacture tubular stainless steel handrail systems.  These are made to be compatible with all of our balustrade systems and can be expertly fitted by our installation technicians.  Mirror and satin finishes are available, as is colour powder coating. We also provide an extensive range of infill options.  All of these require fitting a stair spindle system.  The finished balustrade will have a sequence of fitted vertical stair spindles supporting your infill material of choice.  How to fit a stair spindle is another question voiced by our clients.  Once again, it is all part of our fully customized service to offer full installation by skilled fitters.  They will know exactly how to install stair spindles in your bespoke scheme.  Our professionals install stair spindle designs, handrails, infills … in fact the entire balustrade system!  Call today on 01384 252 342 or use our Contact Form for more information and to arrange a quote.

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