How to Fit a Balustrade in 10 Easy Steps

If you’re an avid DIY type of person, you’ll know that attempting to fit a balustrade is one of the trickier jobs.

Balustrade UK understands it to be a difficult task and compiled a step-by-step like for those who want to tackle putting a balustrade in their home all alone.

What you need to do:

  1.  Using a saw, saw through each baluster and carefully remove the cut out sections.
  2. Saw through the handrails next to the newel posts.
  3. Next, set a cutting angle with a sliding bevel and cut the new handrail to the appropriate length.
  4. Attach the handrails to the newel posts using the handrail brackets or by nailing at an angle to the newel but only if you have morticed the handrail in the newel post.
  5.  Ensure that the rail is parallel with the cap moulding on the staircase string, and level on the landing.
  6. If your kit requires a cap moulding, glue and the new capping mould to the top edge of the staircase string and to the edge of the landing floor. Use a sliding bevel to set the cutting angles for the balusters to match the slope of the handrail.
  7. Remember to verify your measurements before you make any cuts, measure twice, cut once. Fit a spacer fillet at the base of the cap moulding and to the underside of the handrail until you reach the end.
  8. You can then slide the balusters into place. Drive a nail at a 30 degrees angle into the top end of each baluster if you do not have fillets at hand.
  9. Sand the surface and wipe with rag.
  10. Lastly, either varnish or paint your new balustrade.

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