How to choose your balustrade

There are many regulations that depict whether a balustrade is a necessity for a staircase. Most of the time, it is obvious… However, there are some scenarios that may seem tricky and we’re helping you with these tricky scenarios below…

With regards to height, the required height of any balustrade must be between 900mm and 1000mm from the pitch line or nosing-to-nosing.

When referring to staircases, there should be no gap that would allow a 100m sphere to pass through.

One rule is if you are at 600mm from the ground or higher, you will need a balustrade. Similarly, if you possess a staircase with a width great than 1000mm, it is required that you have a handrail on either side of the staircase.

Balustrade UK receives many clients requesting glass-only balustrades because of what they have seen in show homes and magazines. However, as appealing as they are, handrails are a must when considering a glass-only balustrade.

Using glass splashbacks are a more suitable option – also they make a property feel more open and appealing. 

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