How much to replace a Stair Railing?

How much to replace a stair railing

How Much To Replace Stair Railings?

Replacing handrails and a banister for stairs is without doubt a major undertaking.  Our work spans a range of scenarios; from renovations to new builds, from home improvements to large scale commercial projects.  No job is too big or too small for us!  We offer a stunning selection of banister replacement ideas.  Modern, contemporary design is what we are known for, using state-of-the-art toughened glass and stainless steel to create visionary staircases and balustrades.   So down to the nitty-gritty, what is the cost of our fantastic bespoke staircase railings?  How much does a stair banister cost from Balustrade UK, from initial survey and quotation, all the way through to the final fitting?  The simple answer is a lot less than you would expect.  Our expert teams and technicians supply bespoke staircase railings and installation at very attractive and competitive prices.  In fact, many of our customers say we gave the cheapest quote but provided the fastest and most efficient installation, reliable quality materials and excellent customer service.

Do you want a bespoke staircase railing?

If you have set your heart on a new, bespoke staircase railing or balustrade, you have definitely come to right place!  We guarantee professional and expert assistance, and will not be beaten on price.  What’s more, at no point do we compromise on first-class and cutting-edge design.  We have been a forerunner in this industry for over 35 years and you will not find a competitor offering as much expertise and value for money.  Once installed, our bespoke staircase railings or a banister for stairs are hard-wearing and low-maintenance.  They require little upkeep and will remain looking in tip-top condition for years to come.  So factor this into the new banister cost.  You will never have to periodically spend money on upkeep and repairs.

Banister Replacement Ideas

Whatever your budget, at Balustrade UK we are happy to find a balustrade solution to suit you.  We have worked with leading commercial brands and civic projects, such as Sainsbury’s, Louis Vuitton and the University of Birmingham to name but a few.  But we also very much enjoy small scale projects, like internal and external bespoke staircase railings, balconies or a new banister for stairs.  Take a look at our Gallery for banister replacement ideas for your home or business.  Get in touch today to find out how much to replace stair railings or a banister with Balustrade UK.

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