How do you ensure you choose the right material for your balustrade?

Each material has its own benefits and attributes that would make it perfect for one purpose but not so good for another purpose, whether it be commercial or domestic. The main materials that are normally used are wood, aluminium and glass, but which one is the one you should go for?


Although wood can look attractive, it is mostly suited for domestic use, as it does not wear well, nor does it do well with various weather climates. Although it can be coated to withstand a little more wear, it still does not do well in commercial settings, hence why we don’t normally offer this material to customers.


Aluminium is used widely by most institutions, such as colleges, universities, workplaces, banks and any other commercial setting, because of its hard wearing qualities that can withstand any weather. This is because it often comes powder coated, meaning it has a harder exterior and shinier finish, allowing for a material that is easy to clean and will continue to look attractive for a vast amount of time.


Glass is used widely for commercial and domestic use but why is this when it is so fragile? Well, more than likely it has been hardened to withstand heavy weight and impact. Although glass would be a material that would have to be cleaned constantly, little less so when the glass has been hardened, it would still clean well with a little soapy water, warm water and a dry cloth.

So, which material will you be choosing?

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