Glass Panels for Stairs Uk

Glass pannels for stairs

A Contemporary Balustrade Alternative: Toughened Glass Balustrade Panels

Modern balustrade styles mean interior and exterior design has become a whole lot more interesting!  Materials like stainless steel and toughened glass, previously the preserve of cutting edge architecture and high-end homes, are now readily available to the general public.  Thanks to more affordable glass balustrade panels prices, more and more people are choosing this option.  Toughened glass balustrade panels are a popular alternative to traditional timber.  Glass balustrade panels are extremely versatile and can be used indoors and out, creating a variety of stunning effects.  Let’s take a look now at where glass balustrade panels can be used around the home.

Glass Panels For Stairs UK

Bringing glass balustrade panels into your home dramatically opens up inside spaces.  Stairways, landings and connecting rooms are flooded with light.  Toughened glass balustrade panels are uncluttered and streamlined, offering stylish simplicity.  Glass panels for stairs are also functional; the toughened glass balustrade panels of today are very strong and safe.

Toughened Glass Panels For Balconies

Because of the strength and reliability of glass panel balustrades, they are also ideal for balconies.  The great thing about using glass balustrades panels on balconies is that views are not broken up by railings or posts.  They allow you to fully enjoy attractive vistas and skylines. Glass balustrade panels are weather resistant and low maintenance. This makes them perfect for the outdoors.  Give decking and raised terraces a smart, new look with decking balustrade glass panels.

Balustrade UK: Premier Glass Panel Balustrade Manufacturers

At Balustrade UK we provide expert design and manufacture of bespoke and high quality glass balustrade panel systems.  Wherever in your home, garden or business you are thinking about installing glass balustrade panels, we can help.  Get in touch today by filling out our Contact Form and requesting a call-back.

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