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Glass balustrades create an elegant and fashionable statement in a range of settings.  Balustrade UK is a leading glass balustrade company and we work closely with our customers to reach stunning results.  Glass balustrades are perfect for exterior use, such as balconies, staircases and decking areas.  We make a wide range of glass fencing panels, glass balustrade panels, glass balustrade posts and glass baluster fittings.  As manufacturers of exterior glass balustrade systems we also offer a bespoke service for unique design solutions

Glass Balustrade

Internal Glass Balustrade Systems

Glass balustrade systems work really well on the inside of residential and commercial properties.  Glass stair balustrade systems are a luxury addition to both modern and traditional buildings.  A glass balustrade will open up your interior space with a clean lines and extra light.  A frameless glass staircase balustrade gives an uncluttered and spacious impression.

Our toughened glass panels are made in a variety of tints.  Match these with our glass balustrade posts and glass fittings UK to construct your ideal glass balustrade system. 

Styles include;

  • Frameless (either with or without a top rail)

  • Posts and Glass with a top rail

  • Posts and Glass no top rail

  • Wire Systems

  • Rod Systems

  • Systems are available in stainless steel finish or can be powder coated in any colour

What Exactly are Glass Balustrades and Why Do You Need Them? 

Balustrades are balusters or bars that are made out of metal, wood, glass, or stone. They are used to separate one area from another. The rising popularity for glass balustrades is due to the fact that they provide a modern and sleek look. They can be used in many different places such as home decor, commercial buildings, and hospitals. You will also find them around in the most luxurious hotels and homes with stunning glass facades! Having glass balustrades means that you will never be short of compliments and conversation when visitors see them in your home. 

The Benefits of Having Glass Balustrades in Your Home 

Looking for a modern, sleek look in your home? Glass balustrades are a great solution. 

They not only have a charming look, but they are also easy to maintain. Glass balustrades can be installed in any room of your home in not only your kitchen, but also your bathrooms! The glass is the perfect material that perfects, and compliments any type of design your desire your home to be. The glass balustrades are very versatile and will stand out no matter what room they are placed in. 

Why Choose Glass for Your Internal or External Railings 

Glass balustrades have been used for a long period of time and have many benefits, and it is easy to see why as they are a hugely popular choice for modern construction. Glass is lightweight, strong, and can be easily cleaned, with a whole wide range of design features to make them more attractive – more than you can imagine! 

Along with the above benefits, they are also a significant option for safety and design, a perfect alternative to metal and wood that can be used in absolutely any environment, even if it’s the exterior of your home or the interior of your office. The possibilities are endless! 

Whilst looking for the perfect balustrade for you, the main factor will be cost. Glass is a much more affordable option than other materials. They are cost-effective, durable and completely safe to use in any type of construction project. 

Fitting & Installing Your New Glass Balustrades 

Safety is paramount when installing glass balustrades, and here at Balustrade UK we want to reinstate that this needs to be done in a safe manner and are installed correctly. It can take from hours to days for the total installation process to take place, this is dependent on the size, complexity of the space and installation. We would like to remind you that the process will take much longer if you have a complicated installation or if you are installing small glass balustrades. 

At Balustrade UK, we have a wealth of professional experience with fitting glass balustrade systems, we guarantee high standards and expert, professional project management. We fully appreciate the importance of budgets and offers that are the right price for you. We promise to always bring you the best service and knowledge to the table, to be the best choice for glass balustrades in the UK. 

The Health & Safety Process & Why it Matters 

A figurehead in balustrade installation is the health and safety process behind it. We understand that working and being at height is a dangerous job. There are countless hazards that can be experienced such as falling from heights, slips and trips, and the list doesn’t stop here! 


Health and safety is crucial. It helps to minimise the risks associated with being at any height, and any other factor by ensuring that anyone in or around the location is safe and won’t be at risk of falling or injuring themselves. 

By choosing glass balustrades, you are investing in a product that ensures that your space is safe as well as liveable. Don’t forget! Glass balustrades are a stunning design feature. 

We can’t wait to speak to you to see how we can add this great feature to your home or next design project! 

Get a Quote from Balustrade UK Ltd for Your Glass Balustrades Today! 

Balustrade UK Ltd is a leading supplier of glass balustrades and it is easy to see why, with our experts on hand to help you come to the right solution for you. We don’t just offer our services and products to domestic clients, but also commercial clients. If you are looking for the best glass balustrades, that are expertly made with you in mind then Balustrade UK Ltd is the company for you. Whatever your design and safety needs, we will have a service and product to suit what you’re looking for. 

We provide free quotations for you to ensure that you will receive everything that you’re looking for before you make your decision, and ensure all burning questions are answered. Please contact us today to learn more about our glass balustrades and bespoke design service. 

If you would like to arrange a quote, please use our Contact Form or call 01384 252342.  Request a call-back or simply register your interest. You can also email us at if you would prefer. 

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