Why Choose a Galvanised Steel Balustrade?

Galvanised Steel Balustrade

Nowadays, the choice of materials for indoor and outdoor balustrades has become much more diverse.  A galvanised steel balustrade is one such option.  So what are the pros of choosing a galvanised balustrade, as opposed to more traditional wood?  And where do galvanised steel balustrades work best?

Galvanised Steel Balustrade Systems

The term ‘galvanised’ refers to the layer of zinc applied to metal.  This protects it from rust and other damage.  Galvanised steel is durable and weather resistant.  But apart from this, galvanised steel balustrades are very attractive, especially if you are looking for a fresh, contemporary look.   At Balustrade UK we help design bespoke galvanised steel balustrade systems to suit individual needs.  We also take care of the manufacturing process, and professionally fit our superior quality galvanised steel balustrades.

Galvanised balustrades are extremely versatile.  We do a lot of work for retail premises, as well as for public buildings and the commercial sector.  Jaeger, Moss Bros and the University of Birmingham are all amongst our former clients.  Galvanised balustrades are equally suitable for private residences.  A stunning galvanised steel balustrade is a stunning addition to any home!  Whether it is a modern house or a period building, a galvanised steel balustrade will look breathtaking!

Galvanised Balustrade Posts

If you do not want to go fully metallic, there are exciting infill options to consider.  By far our most popular choice is toughened glass, which can easily be used with galvanised balustrade posts.

External Galvanised Balustrade with Hardwood Handrail

Any combination of galvanised balustrades with other suitable materials is possible.  For example, for real wood lovers, you can have an external galvanised balustrade with hardwood handrail. If you would like more information about galvanised steel balustrade systems, please fill in our Contact Form today and request a call-back.

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