Frameless Glass Balustrades

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Frameless Glass Balustrade System

Frameless Glass Balustrades are a staple in modern construction, they are a popular addition in a lot of modern buildings. A frameless glass balustrade system is primarily compiled of a metal frame with a glass sheet in between each rail, which has increased in popularity in recent years in both commercial and domestic environments.

External Frameless Glass Balustrade

Commercial clients we have worked with in the past include Birmingham City University, Jaeger and Moss Bros. Our work is carried out professionally by surveying the area in which you wish to have Balustrades railings, and structural drawings to show you how the concept idea will look when complete. Structural drawings also mean that we will work hard to ensure that the frameless glass balustrade system will work in your property,

Beyond the appearance of frameless glass balustrade, they offer protection from heights and act as a rail for people to hold onto. With the addition of glass, the balustrades are more attractive in the sense that they do not spoil the view of an area as having transparent glass allows for more visibility and light to access areas. Not only will the balustrade allow you to have more light filter in. But it will also make spaces feel a lot more open and spacious. If visuals are important to you, frameless glass balustrades are an excellent choice for your property as they provide a modern aesthetic and look clean and tidy when fully installed. The way you want your property to look is always important to us, we want to be able to offer an amazing service that is professional and will leave a lasting impression.

Frameless Glass Balustrade Fitting

Our Balustrade systems are suited for either internal or external fitting. An external frameless glass balustrade is a beautifully designed safety system that works very well in domestic homes. These are very uncommon as they are popular with a commercial since they are popular in commercial uses these are a fantastic way to stand out against the crowd and a fantastic opportunity to decorate your home in a new look.

Frameless glass balustrade fitting does not need to be expensive, as it may seem expensive. We wish to work alongside your budget and help create your frameless glass balustrade fit into your budget whilst still providing high-quality installation to a professional standard. We will work with you throughout each stage of the production, keeping in contact with you, to ensure you are always fully aware of the progression of our work from manufacturing to installation. We strive to mix a combination of safety with an aesthetically pleasing design, which is where our work fits in as we want to keep your home safe but construct it in a way which is beautiful and looks fantastic.

Get in touch and contact us today to see how we can help you with any Balustrade projects or queries.

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