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Fitting a frameless glass balustrade from Balustrade UK will provide striking results, letting you take in the view. Toughened or laminated glass twinned with elegant lines and stylish fittings allow an unhindered vista, whilst creating a safe, strong barrier. Balustrade UK’s in-house design and engineering experts can design a minimal, aesthetically pleasing and functional glass barrier.
Due to the nature of frameless glass balustrades, safety and reliability are paramount …

Our systems can be fixed at the base or on the sides and can are expertly designed to suit each project application, e.g. staircases, internal level changes and external balconies. Additionally, application of weather-proof coatings provides excellent resistance to the elements meaning a longer life.

Frameless Glass
Balustrade Systems

Our systems can be fixed at the base or on the sides and can are expertly designed to suit each project application, e.g. staircases, internal level changes and external balconies. Additionally, application of weather-proof coatings provides excellent resistance to the elements meaning a longer life.​


Fixtures and fittings such as caps, handles and handrails can be added as required, and a range of edging details are available on to fully complement the systems.

What Is A Frameless Glass Balustrade? 


Frameless glass balustrades are a type of glass balustrade that renounces any type of frame. Instead, the strength of the product comes from the glass itself and creates an immediate impression and a perfect aesthetic addition to any room.  


Most frameless glass balustrades use tempered glass. This type of glass is made by first placing glass on a roller table and then is fed through a furnace to temperatures that are well above its transition temperature (usually more than 620 C)! 


The glass is then passed through a high-pressure cooling procedure that is called quenching. This means that as the outer glass cools more quickly, it will harden. Additionally, as the inner glass cools it will attempt to pull back from the outer service, meaning that the process holds the glass in complete tension, by putting the outer service into compression which bestows complete strength! From this process, the frameless glass balustrade can then be a large function as a restraining component in not only buildings, but stairwells.   


As the glass holds immense strength properties, it usually only requires a floor mount to hold it in place. The glass is completely frame free, generating a simple, minimalist aesthetic that stands out to all! 


How Thick Should The Glass On A Frameless Balustrade Be? 

The total thickness of a frameless glass balustrade should be at least 12mm of toughened, tempered glass. Nevertheless, the thickness will need to rise to 31.5mm, if balustrades have been used as railings or used to restrain crowds in large public places to be able to hold. 

Is Laminated Glass Suitable For Frameless Balustrades?  

Laminated glass can be used for frameless balustrades. However, the thickness matters. Most laminated glass balustrades have to be thicker than their tempered glass counterparts to gain enough strength in commercial applications. 

How Does The Base Section Of A Structural Glass Balustrade Work?  

Whilst frameless glass balustrades are frameless, they still require fittings that allow them to join within the rest of the structure. A number of balustrades of this particular type are what engineers and our experts call a “channel system”. This means that it is fixed by a resin stud, or bolts dependent on what you are fixing these onto as the glass segment slips into a groove structure. 


Most of these are robust U-channels finely crafted from aluminium, engineers will simply install the glass by using either a cement-type material or epoxy.  


In the more recent years, there has been a large amount of significant research and development to produce these systems. Due to this extensive research, there are now extra methods of securing the glass allowing you to remove it later. This option can be gained by pressure-screwed clamps, meaning you do not have to be concerned about them lifting or moving out of place, rest assured, they won’t be moving! 


How do the bases fit? You may ask. They require being fixed to the underlying structure and can be fixed from either steel clips, and concrete. To find the best fitting for you, it will depend on your individual product and likely load to ensure that the fixing will be able to support the pressure that will be placed on the glass above. We will help you choose the right option that is not only what you are looking for, but a safe option. 



Are Frameless Glass Balustrades Heavy?  

Farmless glass balustrades can be extraordinarily heavy! 

Glass is essentially a form of rock, which is heavy in total weight. 15mm structural glass that is used for a balcony can weigh up to tremendous weight of 60kg per metre strip! 

It is pivotal for businesses to ensure that the underlying structure has the required strength to support the balustrade. It isn’t uncommon for large balconies or staircases to require balustrades weighing more than a tonne, so it is best to ensure that this is sufficiently checked before purchasing. 


How Do Handrails And Top-Capping Work With Frameless Balustrades?  

Any kind of handrail or top-capping isn’t offered on most frameless balustrades. However, in certain situations placing a rail on top of the balustrade is an essential move.  


For example, top capping can be a stylistic and aesthetic choice, or a practical one, especially if you are expecting individuals to be leaning on your balustrade on a regular basis! Top-capping may be able to help improve the overall structural integrity of the glass whilst adding a little additional height. Most finishes are chrome or metallic, there are so many options for you to explore! 

Frameless Glass Balustrade Safety 


There are many reasons why so many of you choose frameless glass balustrades, they are striking, remarkable and produce a delightful aesthetic that will impress all! However, because of their glass construction one of the main concerns is safety.  


We are here to put your mind at rest. Frameless glass balustrades are as safe as anything can get. Tempered glass is extremely strong even when under load, there are many different properties that are completely different from regular glass, making them stand out from the crowd. 

Get Frameless Glass Balustrades Installed Today 

Looking for a perfect frameless glass balustrade installation? You have arrived to the right business. Our expert team are on hand at the ready to help you and your business get the best glass balustrades that are worth every penny. 


If you are curious to how your balustrades will look when installed, we can not only do this, but also show you the best locations on your premises to fit them. You will not regret buying our expertly made balustrades, as they will allow you to create a beautiful and safe environment, whilst also impressing and showcasing a “wow factor” to any clients and customers who will visit your offices.  


We take care of the entire process for you from start to finish. Beginning at sourcing new glass balustrades to actually installing them. The benefits? A more professional-looking office that stands out, and better safety and functional components that make your building safer as a whole. Who could resist? 


Try us today and get professionally-installed balustrades that will showcase your business at its best.  



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