Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems

Fitting a frameless glass balustrade from Balustrade UK will provide striking results, letting you take in the view. Toughened or laminated glass twinned with elegant lines and stylish fittings allow an unhindered vista, whilst creating a safe, strong barrier. Balustrade UK’s in-house design and engineering experts can design a minimal, aesthetically pleasing and functional glass barrier.
Due to the nature of frameless glass balustrades, safety and reliability are paramount …

frameless glass balustrades

Our systems can be fixed at the base or on the sides and can are expertly designed to suit each project application, e.g. staircases, internal level changes and external balconies. Additionally, application of weather-proof coatings provides excellent resistance to the elements meaning a longer life.


Fixtures and fittings such as caps, handles and handrails can be added as required, and a range of edging details are available on to fully complement the systems.
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See our Gallery page for examples of Frameless Glass Balustrade Systems.