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If you have set your heart on a glass balustrade for your home or business, choosing the right design can be a daunting prospect.  Looking at successfully completed projects is a great way to start getting ideas.  As a city rich in architectural innovation, culture and history, our nation’s capital is the perfect sourcebook for inspiration. In recent years architects have embraced new toughened glass technology to bring a wealth of glass stairways and balustrades to London homes, commercial premises and public buildings.  So there really is no better place to start looking at glass balustrade, stairwell or balcony schemes.

Glass Balustrades In London Homes

Across London all types of homes have used glass balustrades effectively.  Glass balustrades allow you to retain open views and at the same time do not compromise striking original features.  This is particularly successful when employed as a Juliet balcony on the countless Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian facades in the streets of Islington, Chelsea and other well-heeled London districts.  A glass balustrade in London does not conceal beautiful and elegant windows, brickwork or arches.

The beauty of glass balustrades in London is that they blend with most interiors and exteriors.  So from sophisticated townhouses, to large apartment developments, glass balustrades London prove a fashionable and cost-effective option.  Looking at Canary Wharf you will see numerous balconies with glass balustrades.  The overall impression is modern, light and very stylish.  Don’t be fooled into thinking glass is dangerous for tall buildings.  All glass balustrades London are made using shatterproof and extremely strong toughened glass.

Glass balustrades London can also seem futuristic, with minimalist lines and no-nonsense functionality.  A glass stair balustrade London will reflect light inwards and give the illusion of a larger, uncluttered interior.  You will find examples of these clever, space saving designs dotted around residential areas of the city. For larger, more exclusive London properties, glass balustrades signal luxury.  In Kensington and Knightsbridge see swanky glass balustrade staircases, roof terraces and glass patio balustrades London.

Glass Balustrades In London’s Public Buildings

Nowhere will you see how versatile and beautiful glass balustrades can be than in London’s museums and galleries.  Their durability, easy maintenance and undeniable visual style means glass balustrades are everywhere. For instance, take what the Tate has done at its 2 London sites.  The Rotunda Spiral Staircase at Tate Britain is classic, sophisticated and complements the Victorian architecture perfectly.  At Tate Modern they have taken a more dramatic and futuristic approach, with wide glass and metal vistas.  This in itself shows how well glass balustrades in London can be adapted to fit the period of a building. Amongst the other notable public buildings, have a look at the Victoria & Albert Museum for diverse use of public balustrades in London.  Often used as inconspicuous walkways and in stairwells, they are functional without hiding the wonderful architecture beneath.  But in the Jewellery Gallery there is a high impact, spectacular glass balustrade spiral stairwell.

London Glass Balustrades in Commercial Buildings

Glass balustrades in London are used throughout high-end business and retail establishments.  In the financial district there are glass balustrades on roof terraces, with unbroken views of St. Pauls and the stunning skyline.  Inside banks and department stores, staircases, mezzanines and landings look sleek and chic with glass balustrades.  For hip young areas like Camden and Notting Hill, cafes, bars and boutiques look fresh and stylish with glass balustrades London.

When looking at the huge number of glass balustrades in London you can see how completely adaptable this type of balustrade can be.  At Balustrade UK we offer complete bespoke design and manufacture to suit.  Be inspired by the fabulous examples of glass balustrades London, and call us today on 01384 252 342 to talk about your project.

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