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Domestic Balustrading and handrails

We often come across railings for our homes’ interiors, but it’s not often that we get any for our gardens. Balustrades in domestic settings are specially designed to take care of your railing needs for both your home and garden.

Is height a factor?

Well, when it comes to domestic constructions, there definitely must exist certain rules/regulations especially regarding to height. This is mainly for safety reasons. While balustrades are made to enhance your staircase’s security, it’d be quite ironical that they caused you any harm. So, what really should the domestic balustrade height be? A staircase’s rise is prescribed to be within the range of 150mm and 220mm while its going is prescribed to be between 220mm and 300mm. A staircase’s pitch, on the other hand, is prescribed to be nothing more than 40o.

If you ever find yourself in doubt of what to use for your railing, then domestic balustrading should be your ultimate answer. These balustrades are not only simple but are also easy to install and will take you through the many years to come before your eyes get tired of the same unchanging sight.

Look unfussy and yet be safe while keeping your kids and the rest of the family safe too with our domestic balustrading and handrails options that we have for you. Sleek yet designed to smooth into the interior of your home, our domestic balustrade designs will offer nothing but ultimate satisfaction.

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