Choosing the right material for your balustrade

Each balustrade material has its own individual properties that have both advantages and disadvantages. Along with this, they all require different levels of maintenance. So how would you go about choosing the right balustrade material?

balustrades will often come powder coated. This means that they have a harder exterior and shinier finish in comparison to painted versions. Aluminium is the ideal choice for the exterior of commercial or domestic properties because it is resistant to any weather (well, practically any weather…!). Glass is frequently categorised as a fragile material. However, when used for balustrades, the glass is often hardened so that it can withstand heavy weights and impact.

Both of these materials will obtain a gradual build up of grime, smudges and dirt, especially with commercial use. There is the possibility to choose self-cleaning balustrades which would lead to lower maintenance.

To make sure that the powder coating on the aluminium balustrades doesn’t start to disappear, clean them using a soapy cleaner that isn’t too strong and warm water. Glass balustrades will only require a soapy water and warm water.

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