Choosing Between Materials: Glass or Steel Balustrade?

Choosing materials for your balustrades is just as important as choosing other decoration and decorative materials in your household.

Everybody longs for that chic and sophistic look and feel in the homes through using the right designs and materials. Two common balustrade design choices are between glass and steel materials for balustrades although it can be tough choosing between the two.

Below, we look at the advantages both materials have to offer in terms of style, versatility and more.


  • Glass balustrades are extremely versatile and have been used wherever any type of barrier is required
  • There are many available textures and finishes available with glass
  • This material fits well with both modern and traditional decor
  • Glass balustrades are made with strong, tempered glass which is incredibly difficult to break
  • This balustrade material also allows for brilliant lighting – anywhere a barrier is required, no matter if there is a possible obstruction of light, you can install a glass balustrade without having to worry about lighting issues
  • Pool fencing benefits – they provide a clear view of the pool and are aesthetic
  • Fairly maintenance free, save for the odd soap and water wipe down



  • Stainless steel balustrades are versatile in the sense they combine the old and the new, thus making them an easy slot-in with nearly any decor
  • It is durable, will not rust and can withstand nearly any weather conditions
  • Steel balustrades have luxurious finishes, between mirrored and satin finishes – either finish will look fantastic against dark, polished wood
  • Easily maintained – similar with glass balustrades, steel balustrades won’t require much maintainance, mainly soapy water

Balustrade UK offer glass splashbacks and steel balustrades! We also offer bespoke services to tailor balustrades to your exact needs.

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