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What is a Balustrade?

Blog Image What is a balustrade

So What Is A Balustrade?

You may have heard interior designers and builders alike talking about ‘balustrades’, ‘balusters’ and ‘banisters’…  To a lot of people, especially those who will only have to deal with staircase construction once in their lives, this can be a little confusing.  So we will now debunk the jargon and get to the nub of exactly ‘what does balustrade mean?’ and then explain the difference between baluster and balustrade.  By defining balustrade and baluster you will have a much clearer insight into the terms associated with staircases.  These basics are at the heart of what we do at Balustrades UK; designing, manufacturing and installing cutting-edge, stylish and luxury balustrades for all types of homes, commercial premises and public spaces.

What Does ‘balustrade’ mean and how would you define ‘baluster’?

How can we define balustrade and define baluster?  Let’s turn initially to the Oxford English Dictionary for a basic balustrade meaning and baluster definition.  For reasons that will soon become evident, we will deal with the meaning of baluster first of all.

  • Baluster definition: A short decorative pillar forming part of a series supporting a rail

Once you can define baluster as the repetitive upright supports to the main rail, known as the ‘banister’ rail, you can begin to understand the visual design choices available to you.  We offer a great range of baluster rod supports in stainless steel.  They can be further customized by colour powder coating and various other finishes.  If this type of support is not to your liking, we have alternative options such as toughened glass and strengthened metal wire.

  • Balustrade definition: A railing supported by balusters, especially one forming an ornamental parapet to a balcony, bridge, or terrace.

In a nutshell, the balustrade refers to the whole railing or barrier system, not just the individual components.  We know the job of a balustrade is to provide safety and strength.  With our balustrade systems you have choices of what you use to fulfil the supportive role of balusters.  We have added to traditional balustrade design with the incorporation of innovative new materials.  These do the job of traditional spindly wooden balusters, acting as efficient ‘baluster’ supports.  Now that you know the difference between baluster and balustrade, we leave you to think about the stunning possibilities Balustrade Uk has to offer.

Garden Balustrade Ideas

Blog Image Garden Balustrade Ideas

At Balustrade UK we offer an exclusive and stylish range of high quality outdoor balustrade systems.  Our outdoor balustrades and handrails are extremely versatile.  You can customize a complete external balustrade system to suit individual requirements.  Here are just some ideas for great garden balustrades.


Wooden decking is a popular addition to many gardens.   We supply luxury stainless steel, glass and wire external balustrades that give wooden decking a contemporary and up-market feel.  For raised decking areas they are ideal.  But even on the flat, a garden balustrade is the perfect way to set clear garden boundaries.  Our wooden decking balustrades and handrails are suitable for exterior use as they are highly weather resistant and hard-wearing.  Choose from stainless steel upright posts with horizontal or vertical metal rods.  Another idea is a stainless steel wire decking balustrade.   Both will give decking spaces a high impact, contemporary appeal.  Toughened glass decking balustrade panels are also very attractive.  Why not add a stainless steel decking banister rail for more protection.

The Appeal of Glass Garden Balustrades

External glass balustrades maintain an unbroken view from anywhere in your garden, especially in raised or hilly areas.  Imagine you look out onto rolling hills and fields; the last thing you would want to do is interrupt your vista with bulky fencing or posts.  Glass garden balustrades are the ideal solution, and can be frameless or with stainless steel handrails.  Glass garden balustrades are adaptable to any environment, and look equally at home in both traditional and modern garden schemes.  Indeed they are a fantastic way to add strength and height to existing stone walls and architecture.  You can still enjoy the beauty of antique masonry whilst having the advantages of a more secure external glass balustrade.

Stainless steel does not have to mean shiny and grey.  We offer a bespoke powder coating service so that you can have whatever colour you like for your outdoor balustrade.  Green, blue and red are very popular.  Our toughened glass outdoor balustrade panels can also be adapted, with various finishes including clear, bronze, green, grey, satin and sandblast.

Balconies and Verandas; Outdoor Balustrades and Handrails

Make balconies and verandas extra special with our custom designed external balustrades.  Style is never compromised for safety with our low-maintenance, sturdy and luxurious outdoor balustrades and handrails.  External glass balustrades on balconies are an eye-catching feature and offer uninterrupted views.  We offer a full design service and complete installation.  Get in touch today to find out how we can help bring your garden balustrade ideas to life!

Three Of The Best Balustrade Designs For Style Savvy Enthusiasts

Top 3 balustrades

There once was a time when staircases and balustrades were a pretty uniform affair.  Except for the extremely wealthy, banister designs and balustrades were made of wood, either with traditional turned vase spindles or simplified geometric schemes.  But interesting and cutting edge balustrade design is no longer the preserve of the rich.  Fabulous new balustrade designs, manufactured in a range of high spec materials, are now available at competitive prices.  Wood remains a favourite choice for many, but we can now offer a selection of contemporary options, such as stainless steel and toughened glass.  At Balustrade UK we offer an entire design, manufacture and installation service to meet this growing market.  We will now go into a bit more detail about the nation’s 3 most popular and best balustrade designs.  These are steel balustrades, glass balustrades and wooden balustrades.

Steel Balustrade Designs

The appeal of metal is obvious.  It is clean, modern and perfect for minimalist projects.  Our experts can design and fit bespoke balustrade systems made completely from tubular stainless steel.  It goes without saying that steel balustrades are ideal for exteriors.  Metal balustrade designs are largely impervious to weather conditions, require little maintenance and are very strong.  This makes them suitable for balconies and garden terraces.  But steel balustrades designs also work extremely well within homes and commercial buildings.  If you are expecting a staircase to be busy, with large footfall, then steel balustrade designs are an obvious choice.

Glass Balustrade Designs

The simple beauty of glass is undeniable.  It gives a sense of space and extra light when used in interiors, and an open, uninterrupted view when used outside.  By using modern toughened glass they are also very safe.  Glass balustrade designs give a luxurious feel to interiors and exteriors alike, and are extremely versatile.  Open up antique features in a period home by having an oak staircase with glass balustrade.  Or create a modernist vista in a large, urban building.

Wooden Balustrade Designs

Wooden balustrades have certainly stood the test of time.  For years there were no alternatives and wooden balustrades did the job well enough.  Hard wood balustrades are prohibitively expensive for the most of us, so pine is mainly used instead. This is a soft wood so vulnerable to knocks and scratches.  Pine also requires maintenance as it should be painted or treated on a regular basis.  No doubt natural wood is a fine thing.  Elm or oak balustrades look wonderful and can be carved for extra detail.  But bear in mind the cost implications and have a think about other good quality options.

A Combination Of Steel, Glass And Wooden Balustrades

Of course, in today’s world you are not limited to just one material when deciding upon a balustrade design.  Steel, glass and wooden balustrades work beautifully together, in a range of combinations.  Imagine how stunning an oak handrail with glass panels would look!  And metal banister designs with glass are an instantly striking mix.  Please contact us today on 01384 252 342 to discuss how we can help you with your balustrade designs.

How To Fit A Stair Handrail That Works With Your New Balustrade System

How to fit a stair handrail

We specialise in stylish and innovative toughened glass and stainless steel balustrade systems for all types of staircases.  This includes stairwells and landings in domestic interiors and in commercial premises.  We also design and fit stunning balconies, stairs and terrace balustrades in gardens and other exterior spaces.  Minimalist styling is where we excel.  But however uncluttered you want the final scheme to be, safety can never be ignored!  By adding a handrail to stairs you are helping to safeguard against accidents and tumbles.  We all want our homes to be a haven of security and comfort.  And undoubtedly we also feel it is our right to be protected and assisted in our work place and recreational areas.  So fitting a stair handrail is absolutely essential if you are going to achieve acceptable safety standards.  But don’t despair because we have some fantastic handrail ideas and solutions.  We can show you how to put a handrail on stairs without compromising elegant design and visual impact.

Comply With Building Regulations And Install Stair Handrail

Current building regulations dictate that any staircase, interior or exterior, that is less than 1 metre wide MUST have a handrail on one side.  This is the case for most interior staircases.  If mobility issues are likely to be an issue you can choose to fit a stair handrail to both sides, possibly to a wall.  Many customers are unsure how to install a stair railing to wall surfaces.  Be reassured as we have a whole catalogue of clever and well-made fittings to achieve a tailored solution.    An extra wall-mounted handrail will keep little ones and family members out of harm’s way.  At the same time we ensure that additional handrails do not compromise the overall appeal and sleek design.

If your staircase is wider than 1 metre you will need to install stair handrails on both sides.  In all circumstances the first two steps do not require a handrail on either side.

How High Should Handrail Be On Stairs

The basic rule of thumb is that a stair handrail should have a minimum height of 900 mm.  This applies to both domestic and public stairs.  Balustrades on landings must be at least 1100 mm high.  At Balustrade Uk we always work these rules into every balustrade project.

Fitting A Stair Handrail From Balustrade UK

We design and manufacture tubular stainless steel handrail systems.  These are made to be compatible with all of our balustrade systems and can be expertly fitted by our installation technicians.  Mirror and satin finishes are available, as is colour powder coating. We also provide an extensive range of infill options.  All of these require fitting a stair spindle system.  The finished balustrade will have a sequence of fitted vertical stair spindles supporting your infill material of choice.  How to fit a stair spindle is another question voiced by our clients.  Once again, it is all part of our fully customized service to offer full installation by skilled fitters.  They will know exactly how to install stair spindles in your bespoke scheme.  Our professionals install stair spindle designs, handrails, infills … in fact the entire balustrade system!  Call today on 01384 252 342 or use our Contact Form for more information and to arrange a quote.

Types of Balcony Railings

Blog Image Balcony Railings

Having a balcony allows you to access much needed space when there is no outdoor area, or limited access to the outdoors. Today there is so much choice available in terms of materials, style and function of the balcony railing. Below we explore some of the different types of balcony railings that are available and the advantages and disadvantages of using these different railings in your home.

Metal balcony railings

Metal balcony railings have been incredibly popular for a long time, and for very good reason. They can be made from a variety of different metals, and can be personalised in varying patterns and arrangements. Metal is also strong and long-lasting and provides a sturdy and stable support barrier. If you have young children, metal balcony railings may not be your best option, especially if children can wriggle easily through the gaps. A solid balustrade railing system would be preferable instead.

Stainless steel is a popular choice of metal, as it is functional, stylish, sleek and provides an ultra-modern look to the exterior of your balcony. You can also choose from a range of finishes, such as a mirror finish or matte. The real beauty of stainless steel is that it only requires minimal care and low maintenance.

Glass balcony railing systems

Glass balcony railing systems have become increasingly popular over recent years. But are they right for you? The glass balustrade can be made entirely of glass to give a seamless finish, or it can incorporate a metal railing or a glass balcony railing, so you do have some choice in terms of the final finish. The glass balustrade is the integrated supports and railing of a balcony wall. As the wall is made of glass, you gain privacy, which can also help buffer unwanted noise. Another huge bonus is that it lets in light, so is advantageous in small outdoor spaces, or on a balcony that does not receive much natural light.

One disadvantage is that it will require regular cleaning to keep it fresh looking, as do all things glass.

When considering a balcony railing detail in regards to security, you may not find glass balcony panels to be the safest option. However, there are now many safe options, such as using toughened glass panels for balconies that not only withstand high temperatures, but if broken, shatter into very small pieces, and not shards of glass.

Juliet balcony railings

The Juliet balcony is a small balcony area that is usually accessed from a flat or other building with no outside space. Juliet balcony railings ideally should be attractive, safe and functional. So what are the choices? Toughened glass panels in combination with metal balcony railings made from stainless steel, are the ideal option as they let in available light, helping to open up the space. Wrought iron is another option, but this can darken the outside space and they do need regular maintenance.

Using plants as part of the railing system

If you love gardening, but don’t have a garden, then the balcony railing planter is a great option for you. Choose a glass balustrade made from toughened glass and then incorporate the balcony railing planter. The glass will open up your space, provide light and shelter for your plants, and the planters will provide the perfect home for you to enjoy your plants and flowers in full bloom.

If you are searching for a high-quality toughened glass balustrade or stainless steel balcony railings in the UK, then Balustrade UK can help you. Please do browse our website, fill out the online form or give us a call today.

Glass Balustrade Prices

Glass Balustrade Prices 1000X

A balustrade can become a true focal point of your home if you go with the right style. Wooden ones have been used for many years, so why not add a contemporary element to your home with a glass balustrade? It will be one of the first things people see when they walk into your home and can make a great impression. It will get your guests talking with envy, and you’ll have countless requests as to where you got it from. Balustrade UK have a beautiful selection of glass balustrades for you to choose from to suit your home. With some of the most competitive glass balustrade prices in the UK, you are bound to find one that fits your decor and budget.

What designs are there to choose from?

There are a few different styles that you can opt for, but all depends on your tastes and what you think will complement your home. Whether you live in a more traditional home or have a contemporary space there will be a glass balustrade at the right price for you.

If you live in an apartment then you may not have a staircase that you can add the finishing touch to. What you can do is dress the outside of your window with a sleek and stylish Juliette Balcony . This balcony gives you the opportunity for both style and practicality. This adds an extra barrier of protection so that you can feel secure in your home as well as the chance to add a touch of horticulture to your home. Living in an apartment may not offer you many chances to keep living plants, but with the Juliette balcony you can attach baskets or even herb boxes to it that will brighten up your window.

Have more space to play with? Then you could decide to go with an option such as a frameless glass balustrade. These elegant designs will add an open plan and fluid feel to your space. It will make your living space feel more expansive thus giving the illusion of space. The frameless glass balustrade prices you’ll find here at Balustrade UK are phenomenal; you won’t believe what you can afford to add that certain je ne sais quoi to your home.

How much does a glass balustrade cost?

Depending on what type you go for will depend upon the cost of your balustrade. Traditionally if you were to choose a glass balustrade that is constructed using stainless steel posts, the cost can vary per metre, and the glass will be typically around 10 mm thick.

If you went for a balustrade using 15 mm thick glass, then the price would generally increase. The simple reason for the price fluctuation is that it takes more time and money to make the thicker, tougher glass which is therefore reflected in the price.

Another factor that can change the cost is the weight of the balustrade that you choose to have installed. The greater the weight, the more engineering that goes into fixing it into place, meaning that it will cost more if the product is heavier.

If you’re looking for a competitive glass balustrade price per metre, we can help. We offer a cheap glass balustrade UK service so you can be safe in the knowledge that you will be getting excellent value for money. So what are you waiting for? Get online today and look at what Balustrade UK can offer you for your home. With excellent customer reviews, you can put your faith in us thanks to our years of experience and expertise. Contact us today for your perfect glass balustrade.

Find Inspiration For Glass Balustrades In London

Blog Image London Balustradess

If you have set your heart on a glass balustrade for your home or business, choosing the right design can be a daunting prospect.  Looking at successfully completed projects is a great way to start getting ideas.  As a city rich in architectural innovation, culture and history, our nation’s capital is the perfect sourcebook for inspiration. In recent years architects have embraced new toughened glass technology to bring a wealth of glass stairways and balustrades to London homes, commercial premises and public buildings.  So there really is no better place to start looking at glass balustrade, stairwell or balcony schemes.

Glass Balustrades In London Homes

Across London all types of homes have used glass balustrades effectively.  Glass balustrades allow you to retain open views and at the same time do not compromise striking original features.  This is particularly successful when employed as a Juliet balcony on the countless Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian facades in the streets of Islington, Chelsea and other well-heeled London districts.  A glass balustrade in London does not conceal beautiful and elegant windows, brickwork or arches.

The beauty of glass balustrades in London is that they blend with most interiors and exteriors.  So from sophisticated townhouses, to large apartment developments, glass balustrades London prove a fashionable and cost-effective option.  Looking at Canary Wharf you will see numerous balconies with glass balustrades.  The overall impression is modern, light and very stylish.  Don’t be fooled into thinking glass is dangerous for tall buildings.  All glass balustrades London are made using shatterproof and extremely strong toughened glass.

Glass balustrades London can also seem futuristic, with minimalist lines and no-nonsense functionality.  A glass stair balustrade London will reflect light inwards and give the illusion of a larger, uncluttered interior.  You will find examples of these clever, space saving designs dotted around residential areas of the city. For larger, more exclusive London properties, glass balustrades signal luxury.  In Kensington and Knightsbridge see swanky glass balustrade staircases, roof terraces and glass patio balustrades London.

Glass Balustrades In London’s Public Buildings

Nowhere will you see how versatile and beautiful glass balustrades can be than in London’s museums and galleries.  Their durability, easy maintenance and undeniable visual style means glass balustrades are everywhere. For instance, take what the Tate has done at its 2 London sites.  The Rotunda Spiral Staircase at Tate Britain is classic, sophisticated and complements the Victorian architecture perfectly.  At Tate Modern they have taken a more dramatic and futuristic approach, with wide glass and metal vistas.  This in itself shows how well glass balustrades in London can be adapted to fit the period of a building. Amongst the other notable public buildings, have a look at the Victoria & Albert Museum for diverse use of public balustrades in London.  Often used as inconspicuous walkways and in stairwells, they are functional without hiding the wonderful architecture beneath.  But in the Jewellery Gallery there is a high impact, spectacular glass balustrade spiral stairwell.

London Glass Balustrades in Commercial Buildings

Glass balustrades in London are used throughout high-end business and retail establishments.  In the financial district there are glass balustrades on roof terraces, with unbroken views of St. Pauls and the stunning skyline.  Inside banks and department stores, staircases, mezzanines and landings look sleek and chic with glass balustrades.  For hip young areas like Camden and Notting Hill, cafes, bars and boutiques look fresh and stylish with glass balustrades London.

When looking at the huge number of glass balustrades in London you can see how completely adaptable this type of balustrade can be.  At Balustrade UK we offer complete bespoke design and manufacture to suit.  Be inspired by the fabulous examples of glass balustrades London, and call us today on 01384 252 342 to talk about your project.

Are Wrought Iron Railing Prices An Issue For You?

Blog Image Wrought Iron Balustradess

The classic appeal of wrought iron railings cannot be denied.  Used for hundreds of years, these elegant and durable balustrades are traditional and timeless.  But expensive iron railings prices are prohibitive to many people.  Balustrades UK have other great metal balustrade options.  These compare favourably against wrought iron railing costs.  They look extremely stylish and luxurious, but at a fraction of wrought iron railings prices.

Wrought Iron Balustrades Cost

Choosing hand forged wrought iron railings is a high-cost decision.  Typical iron railings prices typically start around £100 plus VAT per metre.  Delivery and installation are other wrought iron railings costs to factor in.  This does not take into consideration layout design and professional installation. Let’s look now at the benefits of wrought iron railings, and see how the metal balustrades supplied by Balustrades UK measure up.  As well as metal balustrades, we also manufacture and supply other materials, such as glass and wire.  These can be used independently or combined with metal balustrades for a huge variety of styles.  Looking for alternatives to wrought iron railings opens up your budget to a world of exciting possibilities!

Safety & Metal Balustrades

Robust and reliable railings and bannisters are essential for staircases, balconies and landings.  Wrought iron balustrades cost significantly more than other metal balustrades, yet our metal railings prices offer the same protection and security.


Iron railings prices are often justified by claims of low-maintenance and weather resistance.  Stainless steel metal balustrades are just as easy to keep pristine and require minimal care.  Like wrought iron our metal balustrades are suitable for internal and external use.  They will withstand heavy use and weather extremes.  Wrought iron railings prices are far from cheap.  Our stainless steel metal balustrades are also low-maintenance and durable, but will cost you a lot less.

Bespoke Design

A great selling point of wrought iron is how adaptable it is for bespoke design.  It can be manufactured to fit whatever dimensions and angles you require.  Wrought iron balustrade costs can even include painting the metalwork in a colour you choose.  But full customization is something also available at Balustrades UK.  We work with our customers from initial concept to completion, and help design metal balustrade solutions unique to your property.  If colour is your thing then we can powder coat all of our balustrades with your chosen colour.  Our metal railings prices are great value for money and still allow you to introduce creative and luxury design into your home. Wrought iron balustrades are undoubtedly beautiful.  Equally, stainless steel metal balustrades are just as stunning.  They make a high-impact and fashionable statement, and really are the best in contemporary elegance and style.  A stainless steel metal balustrade is very versatile and works just as well in period homes as in modern properties.  A popular choice for commercial spaces and public buildings as in such large-scale projects wrought iron railings prices would be way too high.

Contact us now for metal balustrades costs

So if you are planning a project involving metal balustrades, take a look at the fantastic and relatively cheap alternatives to wrought iron.  Our team at Balustrade UK are here to help and we are sure you will be impressed with our metal railings prices.  Call today on 01384 252 342 or use our Contact Form for more information and to arrange a quote.