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Cost of a Stair Banister

Cost of a Stair Banister

How much does a Stair Banister Cost?

One of the most important aspects of our homes are usually things we ignore, as they are very simple yet make a big difference in our lives. One example of this are stair banisters, they offer support when walking upstairs, helps to protect us from falling, and these are things that are often overlooked. When they become damaged or need replacing, this is when we notice the importance of stair banisters. Not only are stair bannisters indoors, outdoor and exterior bannisters are also an essential piece of basic health and safety, but our external bannisters also are high quality and can be fitted with glass panelling for a clean aesthetic appearance, our external bannisters are made from top-grade stainless steel

Stair Banister Installation Cost

Balustrade offers high-quality stair banisters that look incredible and modern, our products look professional and sleek. Balustrade uk offers both services for domestic and commercial uses, and the railing provided by Balustrade uk are made from various materials that are extremely strong and compliment a modern aesthetic with clean and stylish designs. How much does new stair banister cost is what most customers ask us on a regular basis, and we need not worry you, new stair banisters are still applicable to a budget

Stair Banister Replacement Cost

Many of our clients will wonder how much does a new stair banister cost and the answer to this is that our prices are very flexible and we are aware that many customers are on budgets, so we are able to cater to a budget and work out a price that is best for you. We want the customer to feel reassured that a stair bannister installation cost is negotiable and affordable. A stair bannister replacement cost is also something we want to keep affordable and within your budget. A stair banister can be a very important home or workplace renovation as it can add extra safety to the building, for example replacing an old wooden bannister that is loose to a new steel bannister that is solid and more secure.

Here at Balustrade uk, we carry out the installation of a stair bannister very professionally with sketched up designs and careful preparation prior to the installation. Stair bannister replacement costs with us are again very affordable and we do not overcharge our customers for our work, we wish to provide excellent work whilst remaining affordable for our customers. We carry to our work complying fully to health and safety law, and all our work will be assessed before anything can be installed to check for safety.

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Frameless Glass Balustrades

Frameless Glass Balustrades Featured image

Frameless Glass Balustrade System

Frameless Glass Balustrades are a staple in modern construction, they are a popular addition in a lot of modern buildings. A frameless glass balustrade system is primarily compiled of a metal frame with a glass sheet in between each rail, which has increased in popularity in recent years in both commercial and domestic environments.

External Frameless Glass Balustrade

Commercial clients we have worked with in the past include Birmingham City University, Jaeger and Moss Bros. Our work is carried out professionally by surveying the area in which you wish to have Balustrades railings, and structural drawings to show you how the concept idea will look when complete. Structural drawings also mean that we will work hard to ensure that the frameless glass balustrade system will work in your property,

Beyond the appearance of frameless glass balustrade, they offer protection from heights and act as a rail for people to hold onto. With the addition of glass, the balustrades are more attractive in the sense that they do not spoil the view of an area as having transparent glass allows for more visibility and light to access areas. Not only will the balustrade allow you to have more light filter in. But it will also make spaces feel a lot more open and spacious. If visuals are important to you, frameless glass balustrades are an excellent choice for your property as they provide a modern aesthetic and look clean and tidy when fully installed. The way you want your property to look is always important to us, we want to be able to offer an amazing service that is professional and will leave a lasting impression.

Frameless Glass Balustrade Fitting

Our Balustrade systems are suited for either internal or external fitting. An external frameless glass balustrade is a beautifully designed safety system that works very well in domestic homes. These are very uncommon as they are popular with a commercial since they are popular in commercial uses these are a fantastic way to stand out against the crowd and a fantastic opportunity to decorate your home in a new look.

Frameless glass balustrade fitting does not need to be expensive, as it may seem expensive. We wish to work alongside your budget and help create your frameless glass balustrade fit into your budget whilst still providing high-quality installation to a professional standard. We will work with you throughout each stage of the production, keeping in contact with you, to ensure you are always fully aware of the progression of our work from manufacturing to installation. We strive to mix a combination of safety with an aesthetically pleasing design, which is where our work fits in as we want to keep your home safe but construct it in a way which is beautiful and looks fantastic.

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Decking Handrails and Balustrades

Decking Handrails and Balustradess Featured Image

Decking handrail ideas

Balustrades have undoubtedly gained quite the prominence in balcony, stair and bridge railing. Decking handrails are, however, most common in homes for timber platforms and terraces. With patios in mind and the terraces in most of our homes, you can concur that guidance is key to choosing the best options.

What decking handrail ideas do you personally have? Perhaps none, and that is totally okay and the reason why we’re here for you. Available are topnotch designs that will perfectly suit your home. Made with durability in mind and designed to be nothing short of exquisite, our decking handrail options will in the least give your home that aura of beauty.

Metal handrails for decks

Only the best decking handrail brackets will determine how your decking looks and whether or not it holds, of course, because how else will you successfully set it up? Our handrail brackets are available in different various measurements; just come with your requirements and we shall have your set ready in no time.

Concerned most with serving you with nothing short of quality and thus to your optimal satisfaction, we offer you metal handrails for decks. You should not be surprised that most people prefer metal materials to any other because most of the metal handrails, if not all, are quite durable and with a little ornamentation, deliver an epitome of elegance.

For exceptional designs in decking handrails and balustrades, therefore, we have got you covered. You deserve the classical elegance that comes so naturally and the durability that will ensure you maintain a high standard of appearance.

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Domestic Balustrades

Domestic Handrails Featured Image

Domestic Balustrading and handrails

We often come across railings for our homes’ interiors, but it’s not often that we get any for our gardens. Balustrades in domestic settings are specially designed to take care of your railing needs for both your home and garden.

Is height a factor?

Well, when it comes to domestic constructions, there definitely must exist certain rules/regulations especially regarding to height. This is mainly for safety reasons. While balustrades are made to enhance your staircase’s security, it’d be quite ironical that they caused you any harm. So, what really should the domestic balustrade height be? A staircase’s rise is prescribed to be within the range of 150mm and 220mm while its going is prescribed to be between 220mm and 300mm. A staircase’s pitch, on the other hand, is prescribed to be nothing more than 40o.

If you ever find yourself in doubt of what to use for your railing, then domestic balustrading should be your ultimate answer. These balustrades are not only simple but are also easy to install and will take you through the many years to come before your eyes get tired of the same unchanging sight.

Look unfussy and yet be safe while keeping your kids and the rest of the family safe too with our domestic balustrading and handrails options that we have for you. Sleek yet designed to smooth into the interior of your home, our domestic balustrade designs will offer nothing but ultimate satisfaction.

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Residential Balustrades

Residential Balustrades Featured Image

Residential external balustrade designs

We are now used to the fact that residential constructions come with more demands than commercial ones. This is because of the high standards that society has established, automatically making us want to style our homes up so that they too look beautiful; who doesn’t like beautiful things anyway? If you’ve been thinking of not only improving your home but also making your staircases safer, then residential balustrades are what your home has been missing.


While working on more executive designs, we have so far been able to serve our clients to their optimal satisfaction with our residential glass balustrade designs. We feel that our options are not only adequate but are also just what you need for a classy look which maintains both professionalism and elegance.

External or internal?

Are you torn between getting external balustrade designs and the internal ones? Well, there’s no reason why shouldn’t get both, because they’re all made to match their designations and deliver both safety and a modish appearance. Our residential external balustrade designs are best suited to your balconies and other external structures that you may have in your home’s exterior. Bridges and terraces too can accommodate these designs. Our residential glass balustrade for stairs are best suited for your home’s interior and exterior alike. This means that your home’s interior stairs can get these balustrade designs and so can the rare but unmissable exterior staircases. We hold your satisfaction at high regard and hope to serve you optimally.

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Balustrade Balconies

Balustrade Balconies

Balcony railing

Something about balconies is always fascinating; perhaps it’s their décor or maybe it’s their strategic positions which often give you a breathtaking view. However, some balconies are just bare and most people who may be unaware of the ambience that this creates will mostly assume that it’s “okay.” But is it really? Remember that besides looking better decent, balconies are supposed to be kept safe, just like staircases; but why don’t you kill these two birds with one stone using balustrade balconies?

Glass Balcony Railing

You have perhaps heard of how balustrades can transform your home’s façade, especially for those who have structures like balconies on their home’s frontage. The same, however, can be said for bridges and even commercial constructions. So, while keeping your home’s safety in mind, you can consider a balcony railing that won’t disappoint while at the same time keeping your balconies all nice and decent.

Balcony Glass Railing

Among other amazing options, our Juliet balcony railing is perhaps the most common of railings used in balconies. This is because of their simplicity, ease of installation and even durability. What is most fascinating about this railing, however, is their availability in modish options like glass.

Are you interested in a classier look? We have you covered with glass balcony railing that we believe will do the trick for you. Its clarity is a factor for impression and its design which accommodates other materials on their edges for extra security makes balcony glass railing one of the most admirable options, and perhaps one that you should get for your residential construction if you’d like to depart from normalcy.

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Landing Balustrades

Landing Balustrade

Landing Balustrades

Do we appreciate the importance of stairways enough? Apart from ease in maneuverability through the house, they also radiate some semblance of grandeur. But have you imagined how your stairways would look without a stair landing balustrade? Well, certain things are unimaginable and some that aren’t, are just not desirable to imagine.

What ideas do we have for you?

The availability of landing balustrade, to us, is a matter of normalcy. While we strive to help make your home look better, however, we also want to ensure that you get the best picks; and whereas glass is avoided in most residential home constructions for their fragility, it is an undeniable fact that glass and class are inextricably entangled. For your home balustrade landing, therefore, we’d recommend these options because of their pomp. Not many designs can smooth into your home’s style or make and have the same results as glass landing balustrade designs.

Landing Height vs Set Regulations

It is important while setting up and installing your home’s balustrade, that landing balustrade height is prioritized as a consideration. This is because it should be in conformity with the set balustrading regulations. But why should building regulations balustrading on landings bear any weight in deciding the landing height? Always have in mind that these regulations are not established to inhibit your comfort but are rather meant for your own safety.

We have got you

Our landing balustrade ideas will come quite handy to you as you take the initiative of insurmountably transforming your home’s semblance and subsequently, its ambience. In light of this, therefore, why don’t you let us take care of your landing balustrade needs today?


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Commercial Balustrades

Commercial Balustrades Featured Image

Elegance, just like anything else nice, tends to give people a certain impression about us. When someone walks into your home and their first reaction is utter awe, then you will be glad to know that indeed your efforts to make your residence look exceptional didn’t go down the drain. Even more than our homes, in the same line and against notions surrounding the same, commercial constructions deserve a touch of elegance, because in business, your presentation is everything.

Why balustrades?

Commercial balustrade systems have a way of making your commercial construction a little extra. Balustrades when used in commercial constructions not only give that classic look but also make your institution rig of professionalism. Servicing you with top picks from our galore of available top-drawer options, we would like for you to make the most guided choice.

Bear in mind that…

Commercial balustrade height has been known to greatly affect the outlook of any building upon installation. This is because just like a work of art, balustrades will either fascinate you with their allure or will disappoint you for being run-of-the-mills.

When you’re out there hunting for balustrades for your commercial construction, therefore, you should bear in mind that commercial handrail designs are innumerable. It is your building design that will help you determine which handrails will best fit your commercial construction.

Your business style and purpose are important considerations as well, taking into account the criticality of precision in the choice of commercial interior handrails. This is so because a false move could cause immutable disbenefits on your business; your image in the eyes of prospects and regulars.

We can take care of your needs

You will be amazed by our galore of commercial balustrades that are available for your choosing. Commercial glass balustrades, for instance, are a top-level pic for most commercial setups, and we all know what comes along with class; respect. Let us take care of your commercial balustrade needs, and you’ll never be in doubt about your setup’s semblance.

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Interior Handrails

Interior Handrails

Interior Handrail Designs

Our homes’ exterior designs can never be disappointing because of the investments we all make in ensuring they look as perfect as they can be. How much effort you put into furnishing your home’s interior, however, will add the cherry on the cake.

Staircases form a crucial part of your home’s interior design, and interior handrails form an even more crucial part of a staircase’s design. You’ll come to realise that those two are inextricably intertwined. You might have chosen the best staircase design for your home and are thinking of getting an interior wood handrail that will best both fit and match your beautiful set. Before you do, there are a few things you should have in your grasp to lessen your hassle and save you time.

Domestic and Commercial Handrails for stairs’ interior are available in various different makes and designs. Each make will match a corresponding staircase make, and each design will match a corresponding interior home design. Any  decorative interior handrail can fit into any interior home design, but how carefully you match things up will determine how beautiful your home’s interior looks in the end.

With most modern homes going for classic designs for their staircase wall mounted handrails for stairs interior and wood handrail systems are garnering more precedence, and this is happening fast. Being the top and trusted interior handrail suppliers, Balustrade U.K. Ltd comes to you with a promise to give your interior design a desirable look. We have a variety of blue-chip interior handrail designs that we’re quite confident will not disappoint. So, why don’t you try Balustrade U.K. Ltd today?

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Metal Railings

Metal Railings

Metal Balcony Railing

There’s always something breathtaking about balconies. From the magnificent view we witness, to that strange yet amazing feeling of superiority, standing there and feeling on top of the world; there’s always something that draws us in to a good balcony. But what is a balcony without the best metal railings?

Consider metal railings as a balcony’s first best friend; it gives it the look it shares with the world and adds to it a touch of elegance. Imagine how smoothly your hand skims through a perfectly designed balcony metal railing; the hue that gives it a perfect sense of character to your ownership, the texture that gives it a smooth glide and the metal finishing that gives it a classy look, could anything be more perfect for your home?

You need a trusted metal railing supplier in order to acquire the best balcony railing. Balustrade U.K. Ltd is one of the leading metal balcony railing suppliers. We pride in the quality of our balcony railings and the galore of cutting-edge designs that we offer. Our team of topnotch industry professionals in the design, manufacture, and installation of balcony railings provides the assurance of taking care of your balcony railing needs without your need to break a sweat. We want to transform your home into one castle of a home. For the excellent quality we deliver our costs are second to none, making us one of the cheap metal terrace railing suppliers compared to other insane prices. We take pride in knowing that we are offering our clients the best bang for their buck and not cutting any corners in the meantime. If you’re looking for cheap metal balcony railings suppliers in the UK then look no further. Contact Balustrade Uk today for more information.

We take pride in being the best balcony railing supplier in the uk so why not try Balustrade UK today and be sure to never worry about low-quality standards. Serving you is our primary duty, and serving you professionally is our value.

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