Timber Balustrades

Timber Balustrades

Timber Balustrade Designs

Standing tall and firm along your staircases, corridors and balconies are balustrades. Their allure can be of different magnitudes depending on their designs and how carefully they’re picked to excellently match your home’s style and give it that touch of elegance; a simple lining of beauty to all the right places. Balustrades, however, don’t solely play the role of beautifying your home and filing beauty gaps left by your standard designs. They also play protective roles in the case of balconies and staircases by preventing the possibilities of plummets caused by trips or any other accident(s). You, therefore, need to be well-versed with some of the types of balustrades and why it’s important to choose correctly what will work for you.

What Is the “Correct Choice”?

Home designs vary due to the difference in the images that home designers paint in their minds when they come up with blueprints for your construction. One will craft a timber balustrade external design for your home’s exteriors and another will see a clear chance for a perfect glass standing while a third eye will bear the thoughts of a classical plain rail which in its own rights could stand with the confidence of its artistry. Because of this, therefore, it is critical to select the right balustrade design for your home; something that won’t look off. Your home’s façade is literally its outer skin; what everyone will see first before their eyes are met by an awe of the auroric stance that your indoor designs hold; oh, the breathtaking beauty! A wrought iron balustrade with a carefully selected colour will give your stylish home a sassy touch besides ensuring your security is checked in balconies and decks. Stainless steel is another quirky design, alongside aluminium and strand wire, killing it with a modern vogue of beauty and elegance. But have you given a thought to timber balustrade designs?

Timber Is the It-Thing

Your interior design deserves something a little recherche and peerless. One of our options which could give you that smooth touch, with a velvety glide of appearance, is timber. With rare but not uncommon incorporation with and or into glass designs, timber goes along to transform the interior of your home into what many homeowners dream of! People are constantly looking for the best timber balustrade construction details, so Balustrade Uk have you covered. Having such an alignment of winsome designs for your home goes a long way to transform your entire feel about your environment. With a horizontal timber balustrade stretching out to give an aura of magnificence to your balcony and decks, you’ll be sure to share the glory of your home’s awesomeness with every piece of construction material that stands tall to make it complete.


Our internal and external timber balustrade designs are clearly not the only available options that you may have for your home, but it definitely deserves a thought. With its availability being the number one aspect of its selection, timber makes it so easy to love and thus pick. Installed correctly, your home interior and exterior will in no time ooze pure grandeur.


Get in touch and contact us today to see how we can help you with any Balustrade projects or queries.

Patio Balustrades

Patio Balustrade

Balustrade Ideas for Patio

Stunning, stylish and chic patio balustrades are the perfect contemporary solutions to add sophistication, modernity and lighted ambience to any home or business, and our beautifully fashioned systems create sectional, refined spaces utilising curved glass, plain glass panels, or completely frameless glass designs.

Balustrade UK are renowned as the UK’s premium patio glass balustrade installation and design service. We are comfortable working with proud and discerning homeowners, architects, high-end property developers, and businesses looking to take their working spaces to the next level. We plan, design, install and complete all of our structural glass solutions with you in mind. Our success is due to our involvement in all stages of the design process, ensuring you never have to compromise on the look, finish, feel, and effect of your balustrades. We also pride ourselves on our competitive pricing and our continued success comes almost purely from word-of-mouth recommendations.

Our high-specification, prestigious option balustrades are fitted to the exact measurements of your property and patio. A myriad of thicknesses, styles, and bespoke patterns are available, as well as the option of adding safety features that remain in keeping with that final wow-factor to the design.

We make high quality, bespoke-glass patio balustrades to suit all types of spaces, on both ground floors and elevated areas. They give any business setting the ultimate professional look and any domestic setting a sense of futuristic luxury. They blend into the surroundings and add the illusion of extra space.

Durable and long-lasting, our beautiful glass balustrade for raised patio‘s are suitable no matter what the climate is and will stand the test of time. They exude elegance and freshness, whilst the toughened glass ensures safety. Glass is the supreme option for giving your project the ultimate contemporary finish; your home will whisper modernity and your office will exude professionalism.

Internal Glass Balustrades and Handrails

internal glass balustrade

Internal Glass Balustrade

Glass balustrades are an inspired design choice for a unique accent to your domestic or commercial interiors. Balustrade UK’s comprehensive internal glass installation and design services allow you to enjoy all the features and benefits of these sought-after interior fittings.
Internal glass balustrades support the parapet or handrail of a staircase and are popular as a statement feature in stunning contemporary property renovations. The addition of this modern accent to your interior design is a great investment whether as in-fill panels, between balusters or as a whole structural glass balustrade.

Glass balustrade internal stairs work well in both domestic and commercial interiors as part of forward-thinking architectural design. The toughened and laminated clear glass of most designs allows light in and gives a great sense of space.

Internal balustrades made from glass may incorporate a posted system, with polished metal balusters and handrails or a frame-less design for maximum impact. Depending on the functionality and finish of your interior design you may want to keep your balustrade as simple as possible and allow other elements of your interior to shine through.

Glass Balustrade Internal Stairs

If you’re looking to incorporate glass internal balustrades and handrails as part of your property build or renovation project you need the best advice, expertise and guidance for a successful, high-quality and safe result. Designing, sourcing and installing glass balustrades is a significant investment and the safety and quality of the materials used is critical to achieving a long-lasting result.

Balustrade UK are market leading designers, suppliers and installers of glass balustrades and offer turnkey solutions for your interior project. Our experienced team will assist you in choosing the perfect balustrade design for your project. We are comfortable working with your architect or builder to get an outstanding result, drafting, sourcing and installing a glass balustrade manufactured to the highest standards. Simply call a member of our team today to get started.

Balustrade Design Ideas

Blog Image Balustrade Design Ideas

Modern balustrades, using high-tech materials such as toughened glass and polished steel, can transform interiors and exterior spaces.  With fresh balustrade ideas, bespoke balustrade systems are purpose-built and fitted to suit your particular needs.  Let’s now look at the different applications and benefits of contemporary balustrade design ideas.

Stair Balustrade Ideas

Balustrades are an essential safety feature for both indoor and outdoor staircases.  But why not make a balustrade into a stylish statement?  Stair balustrade materials from Balustrade UK include toughened glass panels, stainless steel tubing, rods and wire.  All of these can be used individually, or in any combination.  Frame less glass balustrade ideas are very popular, but adding polished or brushed stainless steel handrails may be more to your taste.  Most balustrade ideas are possible; you can even mix in hard wood handrails!  Take a look at where you want to install a new stair balustrade.  Then take advantage of the freedom to fully customise your stair balustrade ideas.

Outdoor Balustrade Ideas

Because all of our balustrade systems are weather resistant and low maintenance, they make a perfect addition to gardens and building facades.  This covers a variety of uses, from decking balustrade ideas, to balcony balustrade ideas.  Balcony and decking glass balustrade ideas have the effect of opening up vistas and letting light stream through.  Other suggestions for garden balustrade ideas are balustrade ideas for patio spaces and verandas.

Balustrade Ideas

Have a look through our Gallery for fabulous balustrade ideas.  The range of balustrade systems we have completed is testament to our versatility.  If you are looking for cheap balustrade ideas, we guarantee a highly competitive price and value for money.  We provide a complete, end-to-end service, with full manufacture, fitting and installation.  A supply-only option is also available.  If you would like more information, please fill in our Contact Form and request a call-back.

Glass Panels for Stairs Uk

Glass pannels for stairs

A Contemporary Balustrade Alternative: Toughened Glass Balustrade Panels

Modern balustrade styles mean interior and exterior design has become a whole lot more interesting!  Materials like stainless steel and toughened glass, previously the preserve of cutting edge architecture and high-end homes, are now readily available to the general public.  Thanks to more affordable glass balustrade panels prices, more and more people are choosing this option.  Toughened glass balustrade panels are a popular alternative to traditional timber.  Glass balustrade panels are extremely versatile and can be used indoors and out, creating a variety of stunning effects.  Let’s take a look now at where glass balustrade panels can be used around the home.

Glass Panels For Stairs UK

Bringing glass balustrade panels into your home dramatically opens up inside spaces.  Stairways, landings and connecting rooms are flooded with light.  Toughened glass balustrade panels are uncluttered and streamlined, offering stylish simplicity.  Glass panels for stairs are also functional; the toughened glass balustrade panels of today are very strong and safe.

Toughened Glass Panels For Balconies

Because of the strength and reliability of glass panel balustrades, they are also ideal for balconies.  The great thing about using glass balustrades panels on balconies is that views are not broken up by railings or posts.  They allow you to fully enjoy attractive vistas and skylines. Glass balustrade panels are weather resistant and low maintenance. This makes them perfect for the outdoors.  Give decking and raised terraces a smart, new look with decking balustrade glass panels.

Balustrade UK: Premier Glass Panel Balustrade Manufacturers

At Balustrade UK we provide expert design and manufacture of bespoke and high quality glass balustrade panel systems.  Wherever in your home, garden or business you are thinking about installing glass balustrade panels, we can help.  Get in touch today by filling out our Contact Form and requesting a call-back.

Why Choose a Galvanised Steel Balustrade?

Galvanised Steel Balustrade

Nowadays, the choice of materials for indoor and outdoor balustrades has become much more diverse.  A galvanised steel balustrade is one such option.  So what are the pros of choosing a galvanised balustrade, as opposed to more traditional wood?  And where do galvanised steel balustrades work best?

Galvanised Steel Balustrade Systems

The term ‘galvanised’ refers to the layer of zinc applied to metal.  This protects it from rust and other damage.  Galvanised steel is durable and weather resistant.  But apart from this, galvanised steel balustrades are very attractive, especially if you are looking for a fresh, contemporary look.   At Balustrade UK we help design bespoke galvanised steel balustrade systems to suit individual needs.  We also take care of the manufacturing process, and professionally fit our superior quality galvanised steel balustrades.

Galvanised balustrades are extremely versatile.  We do a lot of work for retail premises, as well as for public buildings and the commercial sector.  Jaeger, Moss Bros and the University of Birmingham are all amongst our former clients.  Galvanised balustrades are equally suitable for private residences.  A stunning galvanised steel balustrade is a stunning addition to any home!  Whether it is a modern house or a period building, a galvanised steel balustrade will look breathtaking!

Galvanised Balustrade Posts

If you do not want to go fully metallic, there are exciting infill options to consider.  By far our most popular choice is toughened glass, which can easily be used with galvanised balustrade posts.

External Galvanised Balustrade with Hardwood Handrail

Any combination of galvanised balustrades with other suitable materials is possible.  For example, for real wood lovers, you can have an external galvanised balustrade with hardwood handrail. If you would like more information about galvanised steel balustrade systems, please fill in our Contact Form today and request a call-back.

Wooden Balustrade Designs

Wooden Balustrade Designs

If you are overseeing a stairway or balcony project, most people immediately think timber balustrades as the obvious choice.  No doubt wooden balustrade designs are functional and attractive.  Whether it’s for a wooden balcony balustrade, a staircase or even wooden decking balustrades and handrails, good old fashioned timber does the job perfectly well.  But nowadays timber balustrade design can look a bit boring; the same old turned spindles and posts that you see everywhere!  For exceptional and original wooden balustrade designs you would need specialist craftsmanship and that comes with a hefty price tag.  Bespoke modern wooden balustrades are a premium niche product.  An increasingly popular alternative to standard timber balustrades is modern stainless steel and toughened glass.  At Balustrade UK we excel at this.  We offer a fantastic range of contemporary styles, all easily adapted to suit your needs.

Why Choose Metal or Glass for a Balustrade Design?

There are many benefits of a modern metal and glass balustrade system, as opposed to wooden balustrade designs.  Using new technologies and our own expert manufacturing processes, our balustrade systems provide superior strength and longevity.  The toughened glass of today is ideal for raised spaces, including balconies and landings, and steel railings will withstand considerable weight.  Timber balustrades are prone to joint weaknesses, especially as they age, and are easily damaged with minor knocks and scratches.  Wooden balustrade designs also need regular maintenance, be this paintwork, waxing or oil application.  Not so with our balustrade systems; hardwearing steel and glass balustrades only need an occasional light clean and are not easily damaged.


Garden Balustrade Wooden

Using timber for outside projects is fraught with potential problems.  Wooden decking balustrades and handrails, wooden balcony balustrades and exterior wooden banisters will sustain rain and other weather deterioration over time.  Unsightly cracks and splits will inevitably appear, as well as sun exposure.

Wooden Banister Rail UK

But for lovers of natural wood, our up-to-date materials can easily be mixed with wooden banister handrails.  Another elegant option is a glass balustrade with wood posts. Our design teams are happy to discuss your thoughts and help you come up with your own bespoke solution.

If you would like to have a chat about the pros and cons of wooden balustrade designs versus metal and glass, please get in touch today.  For more information and to register interest, please complete our Contact Form and request a call-back.

Modern Balustrades UK

Modern Balustrades

The world of contemporary banisters and handrails just got a whole lot bigger!  Gone are the days of being limited to traditional turned wood banisters and balustrades.  At Balustrade UK we are experts at designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke contemporary staircases.  We have embraced cutting edge technology and produce high-quality modern balustrade systems with contemporary banisters and handrails.

Contemporary Staircases UK

Add instant style to your home or business with stunning modern balustrade designs.  A modern stair banister, made from steel or toughened glass, will dramatically transform any interior or exterior space.  Our contemporary banister rails and modern balustrade designs offer unfussy, clean lines, as well as superior strength.  A modern balustrade system from Balustrade UK is low maintenance and extremely durable.  As our bespoke contemporary staircases are made from hard-wearing materials, signs of wear and tear are minimal.  What’s more, although contemporary banisters and handrails look luxurious and expensive, we are pleased to give cost effective solutions and exceptional value for money.

Modern Stair Banisters UK

Designing a bespoke contemporary staircase or modern balustrade may seem a daunting prospect.  That is why at Balustrade UK we have specialist teams to help with all aspects of installing the perfect modern balustrade system.  We can guide you through our stainless steel, wire and toughened glass contemporary banister and handrail ranges.  It is possible to have any combination of these materials so that you can customise your scheme as much as you like.  Our clever selection of fixtures and fittings means our modern balustrade systems can be easily adapted to fit anywhere.

Modern Banisters UK

To make your modern stair banister even more unique, take a look at our colour powder coating options.  We also have different steel finishes to choose from, including polished, mirror and satin.

Modern Decking Balustrade

All of our modern balustrade designs are equally suitable for indoor and outdoor use.  Our weather resistant products are ideal for contemporary garden layouts, including a modern decking balustrade, or modern balustrades for verandas or outside steps.

Contemporary Banisters UK: Get In Touch Today

So if you are considering a new or replacement staircase or balustrade, take a look at our Gallery Page for ideas.  Adding contemporary banisters and handrails is an increasingly popular choice.  For all types of buildings and gardens, from period homes to commercial retail stores, bespoke contemporary staircases are ideal.  If you would like more information and to register your interest, please fill in our Contact Form and request a call-back.

Stairs and Balustrades

Stairs and Balustrades

For new builds and renovations, the choice of materials for stairs and balustrades is bigger and better than ever before!  Advances in technology and competitive pricing means cutting-edge design is accessible to more and more people.  Modern materials such as stainless steel, metal wire and toughened glass are now very popular for balustrades, staircases and balconies.  These options work extremely well in both new building projects and in more traditional settings.  Metal and glass stairs and balustrades look stunning in commercial premises, as well as in the domestic sector.   At Balustrade UK we have designed and installed stairs, balustrades and handrails for the retail giants Jaeger and Moss Bros, to name but a few.  We have also done work for the Birmingham Symphony Hall and the University of Birmingham.  But the lion’s share of our activity is in housing and office space.  Contemporary, sleek and stylish stairs and balustrades are a fabulous way to add a touch of class to any home or workspace.  The added benefit of steel or glass stairs and balustrades is their suitability to indoor and outdoor use.  Completely weather resistant, low maintenance and hard-wearing, our stair balustrades and handrails are an ideal solution for many.

Stair Balustrades and Handrails

Choosing the right stairs and balustrades is an important decision for anyone.  That is why at Balustrade UK we offer full expert design and installation services.  Founded in 1982, we have years of technical know-how and constantly keep abreast of current fashions.  All of our stair handrails and balustrades are manufactured on site, always to the highest standards and using top quality materials.

Stair Handrail Height UK

We know our stuff, and ensure all legal requirements are met.  This includes making sure UK domestic stair handrail height is taken into consideration.   There are clear guidelines regarding handrail height stairs UK.  The position of the top of the stair handrail should be between 900 mm and 1000 mm from the pitch line of the floor.

We are centrally based in Dudley in the West Midlands, and manage projects throughout the UK.  This includes bespoke London schemes and many across the North.  So if you would like any further information about our stairs and balustrades, please get in touch today!  Just fill in our online Contact Form and a member of our staff will promptly give you a call and discuss your requirements.

Stainless Steel Balustrades

Steel Balustrades

Stainless Steel Balustrades UK

Stainless steel and glass balustrades are no longer exclusive to cutting edge architects and high-spec construction projects.  Nowadays we see stainless steel tube balustrades and steel and glass balustrade systems in a variety of settings.  This contemporary solution has become much more cost effective and accessible.  We not only see breathtaking stainless steel and glass balustrades in our public buildings and retail centres, but also in office premises and even our homes.  The democratisation of steel and glass balustrade technology means this design opportunity is possible for all of us. At Balustrade UK we supply premier steel and glass balustrade design, manufacture and installation services.  We welcome both commercial and domestic projects, either for interior or exterior spaces.  Steel and glass balustrade systems are perfectly suited to both inside and outside use.  They are hardwearing, low-maintenance and weather resistant.

Steel balustrade posts offer superior strength.  For balconies and landings they are ideal, and give added peace of mind.  We make all of our steel balustrade posts on-site, and guarantee the best quality materials.  There are a range of design preferences available for our steel balustrade posts, including mirror, polished and satin finishes.  Colour powder coating is another great way to customise steel balustrade posts.

Stainless Steel Handrails

A solid stainless steel handrail really does give a true sense of safety and reliability.  This is an excellent choice for stair handrails and walkways on uneven ground.  Stainless steel handrails are also very popular on balcony balustrade systems and verandas.  For efficient and safe installation we also produce a selection of stainless steel balustrade fittings.  This covers base and wall fixings, end caps and handrail brackets.  Please talk to our specialist design team to work out exactly what you would need.

Stainless Steel and Glass Balustrades

With steel balustrade posts there are a range of infill options.  These include steel rod system balustrades and wire system balustrades.  But probably our most popular infill for steel balustrade posts is heavy-duty, toughened glass.  Stainless steel and glass balustrades offer luxury and look effortlessly stunning.  Enhance your business or home with a top-of-the-range steel and glass balustrade from Balustrade UK.  Rest assured we supply stainless steel glass balustrade fittings to accommodate any layout.  If you would like more information about our comprehensive steel and glass balustrade services, please fill in our Contact Form for more details.