What is a balustrade?

For many, the word ‘balustrade’ is a foreign term as they do not know the true word for those steel poles that reduce falls from great heights. Balustrades are both a safety and design feature of domestic and commercial buildings. In this post, we explain a little more about the definition of balustrades, what they are, and what they are used for…

Balustrades are a series of architectural posts named balusters that are supported with top railings and bottom railings. Balusters can differ in shape and size, often found on stairways, porches and balconies. Balustrades do have more than one purpose; but their main and most important purpose is to prevent people from falling off both interior and exterior structures.

Newel posts are the structural columns that offer support for the balustrade. They can be positioned at the entrance of a staircase, at the corners, and also distributed evenly across the balustrade. Though newel posts are generally featured to provide physical support, they are also used for decorative, design and style purposes.

Balustrades can be made from various materials, including stone. In this case, they are often known as cast stone columns. As the name suggests, these balusters have stone railings. But this doesn’t necessarily mean materials can’t be mixed up – metal balustrades feature wood railings and many wrought iron balustrades that are scrolled or generally patterned may have a polished wood top railing. The most common balustrades for modern purposes are glass balustrades, offering a clean, professional yet stylish finish to any building, and the required safety functionality.

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