Balustrades for Residential Buildings

Residential Balustrades

Balustrades For Residential Buildings

The days when traditional wooden residential balustrades were the only option are over!  Today our choices are so much more interesting and varied.  Fresh contemporary styles, using a mix of modern materials, are now accessible to all.  It is not just the Hollywood jet-set or the upper echelons of society who can afford fabulous new design technology.  Sleek glass balustrades for residential buildings or cutting-edge metal residential handrails are now a real interior alternative for us all.  With the help of companies like Balustrade Uk, ultra-modern staircases and balustrades are now feasible for your home.  Formerly such breath taking schemes could only be found in cutting edge architectural projects or grand commercial plans.  Now you can choose bespoke residential balustrades and residential hand railings to suit.  Balustrades for residential buildings from Balustrade UK are completely customisable. Our residential balustrade designers are available to run through ideas, give advice and come up with a plan to suit you.

Glass Residential Railing And Balustrade Options

Toughened glass is a revolutionary development in material science.  Previous safety issues were the obvious reason why glass could not be used for residential balustrades.  But new toughened glass is extremely hardwearing and strong, so safety is no longer a concern.  This opens up the possibilities enormously.  Glass balustrades for residential buildings allow more light to flood into interior spaces.  They create attractive uncluttered and minimalist layouts. For balconies and raised garden spots a glass residential balustrade gives an unbroken view of your outlook. They can also act as a clever ‘window’ onto what lies behind; show original period architectural features through a glass residential balustrade.

Metal For Residential Handrails and Residential Balustrades

We use high quality stainless steel for our metal residential balustrades and residential hand railing.  A stainless steel residential balustrade system can be fitted in a range of different configurations and finishes.  The tubular steel components come in a selection of dimensions; chunky through to slender rods.  You can also choose between a satin, polished or mirror finish.  Colour powder coating is another fun idea.  A metal residential balustrade system is a practical, no-nonsense solution.  At the same time metal residential balustrades remain classically appealing, with clean lines and a modernist twist.

Residential Balustrades from Balustrade UK

Our experts work closely with customers, architects, designers and building professionals to create beautiful residential balustrade systems.  Throughout we maintain high build standards and offer full design and installation services.

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