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Modern balustrades, using high-tech materials such as toughened glass and polished steel, can transform interiors and exterior spaces.  With fresh balustrade ideas, bespoke balustrade systems are purpose-built and fitted to suit your particular needs.  Let’s now look at the different applications and benefits of contemporary balustrade design ideas.

Stair Balustrade Ideas

Balustrades are an essential safety feature for both indoor and outdoor staircases.  But why not make a balustrade into a stylish statement?  Stair balustrade materials from Balustrade UK include toughened glass panels, stainless steel tubing, rods and wire.  All of these can be used individually, or in any combination.  Frame less glass balustrade ideas are very popular, but adding polished or brushed stainless steel handrails may be more to your taste.  Most balustrade ideas are possible; you can even mix in hard wood handrails!  Take a look at where you want to install a new stair balustrade.  Then take advantage of the freedom to fully customise your stair balustrade ideas.

Outdoor Balustrade Ideas

Because all of our balustrade systems are weather resistant and low maintenance, they make a perfect addition to gardens and building facades.  This covers a variety of uses, from decking balustrade ideas, to balcony balustrade ideas.  Balcony and decking glass balustrade ideas have the effect of opening up vistas and letting light stream through.  Other suggestions for garden balustrade ideas are balustrade ideas for patio spaces and verandas.

Balustrade Ideas

Have a look through our Gallery for fabulous balustrade ideas.  The range of balustrade systems we have completed is testament to our versatility.  If you are looking for cheap balustrade ideas, we guarantee a highly competitive price and value for money.  We provide a complete, end-to-end service, with full manufacture, fitting and installation.  A supply-only option is also available.  If you would like more information, please fill in our Contact Form and request a call-back.

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