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Having a balcony allows you to access much needed space when there is no outdoor area, or limited access to the outdoors. Today there is so much choice available in terms of materials, style and function of the balcony railing. Below we explore some of the different types of balcony railings that are available and the advantages and disadvantages of using these different railings in your home.

Metal balcony railings

Metal balcony railings have been incredibly popular for a long time, and for very good reason. They can be made from a variety of different metals, and can be personalised in varying patterns and arrangements. Metal is also strong and long-lasting and provides a sturdy and stable support barrier. If you have young children, metal balcony railings may not be your best option, especially if children can wriggle easily through the gaps. A solid balustrade railing system would be preferable instead.

Stainless steel is a popular choice of metal, as it is functional, stylish, sleek and provides an ultra-modern look to the exterior of your balcony. You can also choose from a range of finishes, such as a mirror finish or matte. The real beauty of stainless steel is that it only requires minimal care and low maintenance.

Glass balcony railing systems

Glass balcony railing systems have become increasingly popular over recent years. But are they right for you? The glass balustrade can be made entirely of glass to give a seamless finish, or it can incorporate a metal railing or a glass balcony railing, so you do have some choice in terms of the final finish. The glass balustrade is the integrated supports and railing of a balcony wall. As the wall is made of glass, you gain privacy, which can also help buffer unwanted noise. Another huge bonus is that it lets in light, so is advantageous in small outdoor spaces, or on a balcony that does not receive much natural light.

One disadvantage is that it will require regular cleaning to keep it fresh looking, as do all things glass.

When considering a balcony railing detail in regards to security, you may not find glass balcony panels to be the safest option. However, there are now many safe options, such as using toughened glass panels for balconies that not only withstand high temperatures, but if broken, shatter into very small pieces, and not shards of glass.

Juliet balcony railings

The Juliet balcony is a small balcony area that is usually accessed from a flat or other building with no outside space. Juliet balcony railings ideally should be attractive, safe and functional. So what are the choices? Toughened glass panels in combination with metal balcony railings made from stainless steel, are the ideal option as they let in available light, helping to open up the space. Wrought iron is another option, but this can darken the outside space and they do need regular maintenance.

Using plants as part of the railing system

If you love gardening, but don’t have a garden, then the balcony railing planter is a great option for you. Choose a glass balustrade made from toughened glass and then incorporate the balcony railing planter. The glass will open up your space, provide light and shelter for your plants, and the planters will provide the perfect home for you to enjoy your plants and flowers in full bloom.

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