A guide to balustrade systems

Balustrades are a unique installment into a home to add a sense of style and elegance. Not only that but balustrades are actually mandatory in commercial buildings for safety purposes. Prior to having a balustradesystem installed, it fairs well to know what they are and the endless varieties available…

When looking a staircase, a balustrade consists of the posts that join the railings together. A typical system would include a top and bottom rail, and an infill material (otherwise known as a protect barrier).

By law, balustrades must be installed on the open side of a staircase or balcony and the variety of designs available allow a bespoke and individual style concept added to that building.

Bespoke Balustrades

Custom-made balustrades are beginning to increase in popularity as they can be tailored to suit your home’s – and more importantly your – specified needs.

Commercial Balustrades

Balustrades that are set to be installed in a commercial property will need to be taken into account for their safety. Which design and system will be best suited for their placement?

Make sure you comply with BSI standards that apply to the installation of Balustrades in commercial premises which state the following:

1. BS6180 2011 – Code of practice for barriers that are in and about the building

2. BS EN 12600 – Glass in the building; the pendulum test; the impact test method and classification for flat glass

3. BS6206 1982 – Code of practice for the glazing of buildings

4. BS6399 – Loading for buildings – all parts

The listed factors above come into practice if the building in question has a high level of foot traffic in particular.

With regards to designs, architectural glass balustrades are a popular choice. This particular design looks very modern and professional – often used in shopping centres and government buildings – and is particularly versatile. An innovative option you may want to consider is smart glass, designed to block out ultraviolet rays. It produces a stunning look when light shines onto the glass.

Choosing materials

The materials that are available each have individual properties that need to be considered when being installed. Aluminium balustrades will be strong and highly durable, with strong resistance against corrosion. Aluminium balustrades are often powder coated which will create a much harder finish, thus them being used most for exterior use. As glass is a much more fragile material, the glass will often be toughened so to be more durable.

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