7 types of balustrade for your interior design project

Balustrades are railings usually seen around stairwells or balcony’s that prevent accidents. There’s a variety of types of balustrades that are often dependant upon the material they are constructed from. Prior to constructing a balustrade, it is ideal to familiarise yourself with your choices before deciding on a type…

1. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a frequent choice when constructing balustrades as it is the most durable and versatile material available.
Steel balustrades can take a variety of forms, made from rounded or square steel poles.
They can also be decorative and ornate with filigree shapes and designs cut into them.
Often, ornate steel balustrades will have a timber handrail that runs over the balustrading.

2. Wood

The most common type of balustrade is that constructed of wood. Wood balustrades usually have a simple design, made up of little more than wooden posts beneath a railing. The posts can come in a variety of designs and can be carved.

3. Stone

The more luxurious choice found at grandeur buildings and estates. They are made using one of the two techniques: carving or casting. Carved stone is the more expensive of the two. If it is requested in marble – the highest quality stone available – prepare to part with a large amount of money. But they look do exquisite…!

4. Polymer

If you’d like an alternative to a stone balustrade but would like the same look, opt for a polymer balustrade. These balustrades are made to look like stone but are crafted from a cheaper and lighter material than stone. These rails are consequently synthetic stone, created from a mixture of limestone dust, polymer resin and pigment. Naturally, there is a vast selection of designs to choose from.

5. Polyurethane

These balustrades are a popular choice among many. They’re lightweight but incredibly durable. Plus, they also cost less than other balustrade systems.

6. Vinyl

Vinyl would be a considerably low-cost choice for a balustradesystem. But do not let the material’s inexpensiveness put you off from choosing vinyl balustrades – it is also durable and low-maintenance. A fine choice for those who want a decent looking balustrade without breaking the bank.

7. Glass

You can see a vast selection of glass balustrade designs to choose from on our site.

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