5 Inspiring Balustrade Designs

Balustrade UK strives to provide clients with bespoke, secure balustradesthat suit their needs and functionality.

Below are 5 inspiring interior balustrade designs to consider when you are out looking for a design that will suit the atmosphere of your home, restaurant or business!

Iron balustrades are incredibly versatile allowing nearly any imaginable design to adorn stairs. This intricate design is beautifully elegant, especially paired with marble stairs.

Steel balustrades are practical and easy to clean. They work especially well on spiral stairs (as seen above).

Marble and iron exude a rich and timeless feel to your staircase.

Simple yet effective, glass balustrades are popular in hotels and shopping centres and are easily maintained.

This balustrade design incorporates steel and glass, achieving a clean and simple yet modern feel.

Which is your favourite? Share your comments below!

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